Imagine hauling your boat one mile to the lake and then driving your ATVs two miles to notorious sand dunes and then walking to the golf course to hit range balls.  Wow, now walk to the spa to relax. For those who may be unsure of operating their own vessel or just want to enjoy a day of water sports without the hassles of operating the boat, this may be the package for you.
Have a great day on the lake with friends, family and or business and leave when its all over and leave the boat and equipment clean up to us. George, 130 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, 45 minutes to Brianhead Ski Resort, 15 minutes to Zion National Park, 40 minutes to Bryce Canyon National Park, and 2.5 hours from the Grand Canyon.
Visit some of the wonders of Utah at Ziona€™ National Park, Bryce Canyon, Grand Stair Case, the Arches National Park, Grand Canyon, or Anasazi Indian State Park.
TK Watersports will tow the boat launch and retrieve, do all the clean up, provide all the Watersports equipment you just come and have fun.

George and Hurricane Utah, is a popular playground for people with 4 wheelers and dune buggies and dirt bikes. Let TK Water sports outfit you for the ultimate dream Watersports vacation at Sand Hollow, Lake Mead or Lake Powell. Rent an RV, Travel Trailer, Motor Home add a boat or wave runner package and receive a discount on one of our popular package combinations.
Choose your actives;TK Watersports also offers wakeboarding boat rentals, water ski boat rentals, Wave runners, water trampolines and other Watersports equipment.
Sand Hollow is one of TK Watersports most frequented vacation spots late in the season the water stays warm until the first of November.Saint George is only minutes away from Sand Hollow and it has a look and feel of Lake Powell with the blue water and a red rock backdrop and is only 20 minute drive away from Saint George. Mesquite Nevada is only 45 minutes away and Las Vegas andA  is only two and a half hour drive close to Lake Mead.

Let TK Watersports be your connection to your Watersports dream vacation in southern Utah.Saint George Utah is a great base for your dream vacation. Let TK Water sports help you plan for the ultimate dream Watersports vacation at Sand Hollow, Lake Mead or Lake Powell.

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