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In the midst of the glitz and the glamour of New York City’s busy atmosphere, it’s hard to get a calm moment where time seems to stay still. Few people know this but Central Park boasts a “Loeb Boathouse,” at the lake off East Drive at 74th Street. The water seemed pretty clean and didn’t have any weird odors, and my girlfriend was impressed by how I captained the ship which is always a great feeling (cool points).
One of the many reasons that people continue to flock to NYC is because there is ALWAYS something to do. Summer may be over, but cooler temperatures will give way to a delicious New York City tradition: outdoor food festivals! Boats are available for rental to enable visitors to paddle on the Lake in Central Park, at the heart of New York, USA.

While wndering the trails of central park for half a day one may discover an always changing view of this green lung of the city. The Lake Boat Rentals Central Park New YorkBoats are available for rental to enable visitors to paddle on the Lake in Central Park, at the heart of New York, USA. Unauthorized use of any photos or footage from this site is prohibited by international copyright laws.
Central Park is a place where many go to jog, play softball, ride bikes and have picnics and this little bit of nature surrounded by concrete has even more to offer when it comes to serenity. My cousin Rebecca told me it was mandatory that I take my girlfriend here and that she’d love me unconditionally for the rest of the week, so with that recommendation I made the trek. I was pretty nervous being that I can’t swim but they equipped me with an orange life jacket (optional) that made for an awesome Instagram moment! It’s hard to have a romantic moment in New York City when everyone is on a New York minute.

The paddle boats didn’t take as much effort to navigate as you would believe, and half way into our ride we imagined we were Jack and Rose on a Titanic life boat. Sometimes you get rushed out of restaurants because of the long waits outside despite paying top dollar.
It would be great if this location was opened for late night boat rides, because as the sun began to set and the time near 6:30 we only wished we had more time. The best place to get away from everything with just your loved one just might be the Central Park paddle boat rentals.
The Loeb Boathouse shop is only open from April to October on days with good enough weather, but the rentals are available from 10 am to 5:30 Pm.

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