You can dry store your boat at Mullett Lake Marina and pick it up next weekend or next month. Join Us on Michigana€™s Famous Inland Waterway.Repair, maintenance, storage, and service like no other marina up north.
We repair everything from wood to fiberglass for all kinds of boats.With over 55,000 square feet of storage and expert repair space.

There is an old railroad bridge just before the M-33 bridge that is now used for snowmobile crossing. I like to fish this area trolling shallow diving crank baits for the bass that hang out in the stumps and weeds. Using a Clown pattern Rapala™ I hooked the one shown left while touring the fall color on a pontoon boat.

There is a party store on the north side of the bridge a short walk from the river,west side.

Vintage plywood boat plans plywood
Viking style boat plans

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