Inspect the watercraft one last time, you are responsible for any damage incurred while renting the watercraft. Verify that you have a copy of the rental contract, liability waiver, and safety certificate (if applicable). Report any problems encountered or damage that occurred while the watercraft was in your possession.
Review the watercraft and trailer (if applicable) with the American Boat Rentals, LLC representative. Watercraft should not be running if there is anyone in the water in the immediate vicinity! When leaving the watercraft unattended (beaching the watercraft at your favorite sandbar, for example), remove the key and lanyard from the watercraft and keep it with you. American Boat Rentals, LLC is a stong advocate of watercraft safety, and work closely with local authorities to ensure safety on the water.
We pride ourselves on quality water craft and excellent customer service, but don't take our word for it! We hope to go back up again next year and will definitely call you for another boat rental. We pride ourselves on quality water craft and excellent customer service, but don't take our word for it! Good ole fashion customer service is so rare today that the service Joe and Bob provide stands head and shoulders above almost everything else I experience in life.

The number one activity of my family on vacation was tubing and skiing - all made possible by great service, superb boating equipment, and a very friendly and helpful staff. After getting off the tube, one of our youngest Scouts couldn't stop saying, "This is the best thing I've ever done". For additional information you can view this item at Blue Sky Rentals TVC-Lake Michigan or you can use the contact form below.
Call the number above or fill out the contact form below for additional questions, availability, and detailed pricing.
Place to Enjoy a Beautiful Lake Higgins Lake, Michigan Vacation Rental Where can we launch our boat? Cruise Houghton Lake in a New Deluxe Rental Pontoon from Splish Boat Rentals Splish Rentals 4165 West Houghton Lake Dr Houghton Lake Michigan 48629 .
The propulsion system on these watercraft require drawing water from the lake and forcing the water from the back of the watercraft, creating a vacuum under the watercraft strong enough to suck up rocks, stones, shells, and vegetation.
As these watercraft will be the most maneuverable on the water, it will be your responsibility to yield the right of way to all other watercraft. Damage can occur from the craft rubbing against another boat or a dock, shallow water or shore.
Our family had never been tubing together and we will now make it a yearly tradition with you.
Having worked in a marina for 6 years I am familiar with boating and equipment - and your boat and service was spectactular.

The gentleman who delivered the boat was very knowledgeable and really took his time to show us everything. While Ludington State Park has the only designated South Higgins Lake State Park Tahquamenon Falls State Park. The Higgins Lake area in Michigan Marina offers boat and motor rental, pontoon rental, and boat and slip rental. When passing traffic going in the same direction, pass to the left, leaving as much space as possible between watercraft.
Thanks again for being so accommodating with pickups and dropoffs, Bill your driver represents American Boat Rentals well by explaining the operation of the boat thoroughly and being very accommodating.
The owner at Torch Inn was excited to hear of our experience and a young couple at breakfast from Ohio said they would be calling you this week.
Thanks again, and I included a few pictures of your boat in the middle of a great family vacation.

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