Essex Marina & Boat Sales is one of the largest boat brokerages in the northern Chesapeake Bay. An eye for detail along with a serious effort to soften the boatyard atmosphere lifts this marina out of the ordinary. We have a huge deck which can be used by all customers for, relaxing, parties, tanning, cookouts, or whatever you want.
In the middle of our beautiful garden there is a gazebo which you can waste away the day by taking in the beauty of the flowers and the sound of the wind chimes and the fountain flowing into the pond. The service side of our facility is equipped with a new 55,000lb Marine Travel Lift, a work shop which can accommodate a 41' boat, a crane ,and a forklift.

Essex Marina & Boat Sales2016 Slip RatesSlip Rentals Starting January 1 Through December 31st.
Every place the eye falls is a little corner of green, a special sitting area, an overflowing planter. Cream-colored railings, backed by beds of annuals and perennials, line the shore - greenery trails down to the docks below.
Both the mens and ladies restrooms are tiled and have private showers with dressing rooms and are open 24hrs a day. We are equipped to handle all mechanical needs, fiberglass reconstruction, gel coat repairs, and boat rigging.

The gazebo is the centerpiece of a beautiful garden that invites boaters to stop and listen - to the wind chimes or to the gurgling fountain flowing into the diminutive pond.
We are dealers for Mercury, Marine Power, Yanmar, Crusaders, Jasper, Mermaid air conditioning, Polar Bay Air conditioning, Waeco refrigerators, Sea Vac central vacuums, Sea Land Vacu Flush marine sanitation.
Supermarkets, restaurants, and services are within walking distance and cabs are readily available.

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