Page New Updated Articles News and More Paranormal Information That Your Really Looking For. The content of this web site is for mature viewers only and may not be suitable for minors. Taken from first-person accounts and historical documents, this book chronicles more than 300 examples of alien encounters, conspiracy theories, and the influence of extraterrestrials on human events throughout history. THE ANOMALIST IS A DAILY REVIEW OF WORLD NEWS ON MAVERICK SCIENCE, UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES, UNORTHODOX THEORIES, STRANGE TALENTS, AND UNEXPECTED DISCOVERIES. Depending on who you just might openly question or what tales you've actually heard over the years you often get many different answers about the real hidden truths and spooky goings on that surround the area notoriously called Hell's Gate in Lubbock, TX. The area known as Hell's Gate in Lubbock, Texas is dominated by a long trail with swamps on either side and shaded over by large trees. Located at the far east end of Mackenzie Park, Hell's Gates sits just outside the rear gates to Lubbock Cemetery, which has fueled some of its Urban Legend. Marshall Sewell's tortured ghost is said to roam the area and has on many occasions been encountered covered with blood and moaning in pain.
At the end of the trail leading to Hell's Gate is a large mound of dirt and two old fence posts that were once said to be a gate.
Walking the trail one is said to hear the ghost sobs and whispered prayers of the men and some women who walked there last steps here. There are as many will surely tell you without hesitation reports of moaning ghosts being heard, and sightings of a red-haired general clad in a Confederate uniform. In another often told reference to the Hell's Gate story the strange tale about the two wealthy brothers murdered off Highway 287 are said to haunt the spot because this is where their bodies were buried in an unmarked grave. It is often referred to as Hell's Gate, the true lost gate to hell, and Satan's secret backdoor.
In the first few days of March 1892, a formal delegation of Lubbock residents requested five acres of pasture land from rancher H. Henry Jenkins, a cowboy, age about 32, died in the Nicolett Hotel, located at Broadway and Avenue H, he was stricken with pneumonia in March 1892, illustrated the vulnerability of those living on the frontier.
Henry Jenkins, Cochran County cowboy, died in the Nicolette Hotel after an attack of pneumonia on March 10, 1892.
The Cowboy's relatives lived in Rhome, Wise County, and due to the absence of transportation facilities, it was impossible to notify them in time for the burial. Thirty-eight years after his death, Lubbock pioneers paid tribute to this cowboy with a funeral service attended by 1,000 citizens of Lubbock and the South Plains. Many tales have been told how Jenkins ghosts supposedly was seen trying to find his way back to his home. With more than sixty thousand graves, the City of Lubbock cemetery is the third largest in Texas.
Located on the eastern edge of town, the city's cemetery was designated a Texas Historic Cemetery in 2002. At night however that as many say in a low voice so the dead can't here yah, it is a totally different story. Many tales tell of Satan's evil Worshipers gathering here to pay homage, and that great and small Witches Sabbaths are often held there.
Mackenzie Park March 1877, the Battle of Yellow House Canyon, which occurred during the Buffalo Hunters' War, took place at what is now the site of Mackenzie Park. On the morning of February 1, 1877, Marshall Sewell spotted a buffalo herd, left camp and set up a station, and, with his Sharps rifle, killed the animals one by one until he ran out of ammunition. In December of 1876, a group of Comanche under Black Horse received a permit, through the Indian agent at Fort Sill, to allow them to hunt in Texas.
The action was witnessed by the three skinners who had accompanied Sewell and by another hunter, all of whom were close to a mile away. A group of 46 men set out from Rath City on March 4, with the express purpose of finding Black Horse and his men. The Texans reached the canyon fork, today in Mackenzie State Recreation Area, sometime in the early hours of March 18; for a time, they mistakenly followed the north fork before turning south. Several others, including the guide, were wounded, as were a number of Indians; most notably among the latter, Herman Lehmann was shot in the thigh.
The Texans used a bonfire as a decoy before pulling out altogether during the night; they set fires behind them to obscure their tracks. Today, Mackenzie Park is home to Joyland Amusement Park, Prairie Dog Town, and both a disc golf and regular golf course.
The ghost of the first casualty a tortured man named Marshal Sewall is said to haunt the area. The sightings were considered credible because they were witnessed by several respected science professors at Texas Technological College and were photographed by a Texas Tech student.
Project Blue Book, the US Air Force's official study of the UFO mystery, did an extensive investigation of the Lubbock lights. After having the photos developed Hart took them to the offices of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. The physics laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio analyzed the Hart photographs.
More haunted Locations exist in Lubbock Texas then one might think, Broadway Avenue is said to be haunted by several restless spirits this old hotel-turned-strip center is thought to be the most haunted hotspot to be found. Another often encountered ghost is said by many to be that of a disabled man that sits by the side of the buildings begging for money. The county of Lubbock was founded in 1876, named after Thomas Saltus Lubbock, former Texas Ranger and brother of Francis R.
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If you are a minor or it is illegal for you to view nudity or mature images and language, do not proceed. Two tributaries of the Brazos River wind through Mackenzie Park, which is collectively part of the rather extensive Lubbock Park system.

A teenage rite of passage for many years was to go out and see if you could find his ghost.
As it is said this was the trail walked by captured spies of the Union army on their way to be hung.
Many strange tales arise and do circulate that this area has been the site of several mysterious homicides and a few reported suicides that have reportedly made the news over the years.
He was taken by wagon across a distance of more than 50 miles to the Nicolett Hotel in Lubbock. Tales have been circulated that he once haunted the spot where the Nicolette once stood until the highway was built. Though their are a few reports of people seeing shadow people and strange chupacabra like creatures roaming the woods.
The re or of course tales of actual human sacrifice and stories of people of all walks of life going insane and such just by going to the location on a dare. The Battle of Yellow House Canyon was a battle between a force of Comanche's and Apaches and a group of bison hunters that occurred on March 18, 1877, near the site of the present-day city of Lubbock. Black Horse watched the slaughter, surrounded Sewell on his way to camp, and murdered and scalped him.
But Black Horse had other interests in mind; he was angry that over hunting by settlers had radically thinned herds of buffalo, and planned to camp in Yellow House Canyon and attack whatever hunters he saw.
Moving west, they found the Comanche camp in Hidden Canyon, a site now marked by Lubbock Lake. Two of the Texan participants, John Cook and Willis Glenn, left descriptions of the action in their memoirs. The park also holds the American Wind Power Center, which houses over 100 historic windmills on 28 acres (110,000 m2). Suddenly all three men saw a number of lights race noiselessly across the sky, from horizon to horizon, in a few seconds. Hundreds of nonscientific observers in a wide vicinity around Lubbock saw as many as three flights of the mysterious crescents in one night. Hart took a 35-mm Kodak camera and walked to the backyard of his parent's home to see if the lights would return. In April 1952 LIFE magazine published a popular article about the UFO phenomenon;[1] the Lubbock Lights were a prominent feature of the article.
When you reach down to give him a dollar or a few cents they say he winks at you and just vanishes. These two streams, (Yellow House Draw and Blackwater Draw), converge in the golf course, forming the head of Yellow House Canyon, which carries the waters of the North Fork Double Mountain Fork Brazos River.
And their are those who also sate that the indians put a curse on the land back in 1877 by doing a human sacrifice. Though many tell the story that it was a common place of hanging outlaws or cattle thieves. His small-crossed shaped headstone is no longer in existence, was the first erected in the cemetery.
Among those interred here is the noted rock and roll musician and songwriter Charles Hardin Holley (Buddy Holly).
Buddy Holly's grave is on the left a short distance, there are small signs that will point you along.
While all this is as many will state is just a over blown Urban Legend, the area definitely does hold some unexplainable paranormal activity that few have dared to investigate in any deep degree. It was the final battle of the Buffalo Hunters' War, and was the last major fight between whites and native Americans on the High Plains of Texas.
The three skinners and a hunter named Billy Devons witnessed the killing from a ravine a mile away and hurried to Rath City, the principal supply base in the area, to report the incident. Earlier in the winter of 1876, a buffalo hunter named Marshall Sewell had, along with a group of skinners, set up camp below the Caprock in Garza County, near the head of the Salt Fork of the Brazos River.
Sewell appears to have been popular among local buffalo hunters, and as a result, reaction came quickly; about 40 men rode to the site of the murder and buried the hunter, after which they picked up the Comanche's trail. By then, much of the day was gone, but the buffalo hunters nevertheless decided to mount an attack.
Herman Lehmann, too, gave an account of the affair in his autobiography, telling it from the Indian point of view. Then they double scalped his head - each side - cut his stomach, and took his tripod that he set his gun on. Two more flights passed overhead, and Hart was able to take a total of five photos before they disappeared (Ruppelt, 100).
Lieutenant (later Captain) Ruppelt devoted an entire chapter of his bestselling 1956 book to the incident (Ruppelt, 96-110). The Metro Tower (NTS Building), then known as the Great Plains Life Building, at 274 feet (84 m) in height, is believed to have been the tallest building ever to survive a direct hit from an F5 tornado.
Many say the double scalped ghost of Marshall Sewell haunts the spot where he died or is buried in an unmarked grave. But in time the story changed to the telling that his ghost would shoot at you are wrestle you to the ground trying to steal your scalp to replace the one he lost. This two post gate was the last thing they saw before being led to the tree that stands beyond the gate where they died.
But many locals alike say the sinister location not far from the City of Lubbock Cemetery where rock legend Buddy Holly is buried, there is a secret door or gate that will take you straight to hell. Some tales I've heard of recent say Bandy gave the land to quick and over generous because he knew there was some strange going on in that area that he wanted to distance himself from right away. The cemetery has held as many as four separate burial grounds, segregated by race, faith, and economic level. And as many will for certain tell you that many have dared and tried legend tripping the area. On February 1, 1877, Sewell discovered a herd of buffalo, and after setting up station, picked the animals off one-by-one with his rifle before running out of ammunition.

The two parties met in a brief skirmish, in which a half-breed hunter named Spotted Jack was wounded by the Texans, who then returned to Rath City.
Two nights into the journey, White began to suffer from bleeding in his lungs, and he was required to turn back to Rath City; one of his lieutenants, Jim Smith, was elevated to captain.
They divided themselves into three groups, two mounted and one not; the mounted men went to the sides of the canyon, on the plain, while the hunters on foot followed the creek in the center. Cook, managed to repel a flanking movement from the Comanche; even so, the outnumbered Texans were forced to withdraw down the canyon. A marker has been set up to designate a position taken by Indians in a battle with buffalo hunters that took place in March 1877 across areas that are now East Broadway and Mackenzie Park.
They tore the tripod into three parts, put one in each side of his head and one in his abdomen. The photographs were eventually sent to newspapers around the nation, and were printed in LIFE magazine (Clark, 346). Then Mayor Jim Granberry and the Lubbock City Council, which included Granberry's successor as mayor, Morris W.
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Tough as many will tell you the gate is just a tall Texas legend that has gotten out of hand. Others just tell it as the matter of fact detail that he needed the money or was so civic minded he just did it so his name might go down in Lubbock history.
Records indicate various and distinct cemetery associations maintained these burial grounds throughout the twentieth century. Black Horse witnessed this, and with his warriors, surrounded the hunter on his way back to camp. Black Horse took close to 170 warriors, among whom was captive Herman Lehmann, and began plundering hunters' camps in the region. The band found the site where Sewell had been captured and there picked up the Indians' trail, following it westward to just northwest of the present-day city of Post; here the guide predicted Black Horse and his Comanche's would be found in Yellow House Canyon. At Lubbock Lake, they turned north, and on May 4 overtook the Indians at Quemodo Lake in Cochran County.
The pictures exhibited by Hart as the result of this effort show 18 to 20 luminous objects, more intense than the planet Venus, arranged in one or a pair of crescents. Many have reported ghost sightings and strange occurrences happening her mostly during the daylight hours though a few but not many have happened at night. Turner, were charged with directing the task of rebuilding the downtown in the aftermath of the storm. The terms of the compromise included keeping the Lubbock name but the Monterey town site, so the previous Old Lubbock residents relocated south to the Monterey location, including putting Old Lubbock's Nicolette Hotel on rollers and pulling it across a canyon to its new home. And certainty this paranomally charged location too holds many haunted dark secrets from the past and present that still are waiting to be fully investigated and documented or possibly as we know debunked. Jenkins March 10, 1892 and as they state became the first person to ever be buried in what is now the expansive City of Lubbock Cemetery. One such group, Los Socios Del Sementerio, or associates of the cemetery, provided for the burial of area migrant workers. In a brief skirmish, they wounded a half-breed hunter named Spotted Jack before returning to Rath City. They murdered and double-scalped him before cutting open his stomach and placing pieces of his rifle tripod in the wounds; later accounts of the murder scene suggest he may also have been tortured. They did, and they entered the canyon at the site of Buffalo Springs Lake, where they killed a Comanche sentry. This frightened the Comanche's for a moment, and they started for their horses before discovering how small was the force attacking them. As to the fact that ghost or paranormal phenomena is more so captured here from 10 am to 4 pm have been documented by several paranormal groups to date rather then any other time of the day or night.
Black Horse and some 170 warriors, including the white captive Herman Lehmann, continued to plunder hide camps, including those of Pat Garrettqv and Willis S.
Needless to say, the affair caused great consternation among buffalo hunters, and they demanded action be taken.
Scouts sighted the Indians' camp later that same day, and the band began an overnight march to reach it, in the process leaving provisions and wagons at the spring. Consequently, they rallied - women ran towards the horsemen discharging pistols, while the warriors set up a defensive position. Robinson, professor of geology at the Texas technological College, stood in the back yard of his home in Lubbock, Texas and chatted with two colleagues. He had died of pneumonia after being brought to the Nicolette Hotel at Lubbock in critical condition. A check the next day with the Air Force showed that no planes had been over the area at the time.
One Joe Jackson was shot in the abdomen; some two months later the wound proved fatal, rendering him the only fatality on the Texans' side. This was but the beginning: Professor Ducker observed 12 flights of the luminous objects between August and November.
Many say the ghost of the cowboy haunted the old hotel still haunt the area unsettled by it being gone. Everything seemed to point to flights of birds as the explanation of the mysterious phenomenon that came to be known as the "Lubbock Lights," and yet there are those who disagree.

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