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Given that my next reel needed to have this comfort in mind, a low profile baitcaster reel was the obvious choice.

The side plates and frame of this reel are all aluminium, making it super strong and very light weight. As most of my readers would be aware, I really only started targeting fish like Barramundi on lures a couple of years ago when we purchased a small tinnie and electric motor. Shimano have an excellent range of baitcasters, from the lower end Caius to the top of the range Calais. Consequently the only outfit I had suitable for the task was a Shimano Calcutta 200 on a G∙Loomis GL2 644. This is 2 more bearings than the Curado and, coupled with the precision engineering of the aluminium spool, is the main reasons the reel is so much smoother. Now don't get me wrong, this was an excellent setup and has served me well for quite a while.
My biggest problem with the Calcutta is that being a drum style reel it is quite large to hold in your hand.

Its also a very heavy reel more accustomed to sitting in a rod holder with a live bait attached. This might not seem a big deal, but when you are casting lures quite literally all day long, comfort does start to play a role. I was going to go with a Curado as this seems to generally be the reel of choice for most anglers.

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