Available below with umbrella holder or no drill set up combo as seen to the left side of the web page.
Width is custom ordered so you can have more elbow room in between seats or narrow enough so you can open rod lockers if your using on a bass boat, thats up to you, mine is 27" wide and no problems fishing or opening rod boxes.
Do those seat mounts bend or is there some sort of bump stop underneath to keep them from bending down to the deck height? Quack, they don't bend, might flex a little bit when your sitting on them if your floor aint level but they don't bend. A lot of cdc'ers have asked about the rod transport rack thats in some of the photos above. Adjustable height boat seat posts provide comfort & relieve leg tension by letting you change the level of your pedestal boat seats. Lock'N-Pin Adjustable Swivl-Eze Seat Post lets you adjusts in boat seat height for fit and comfort.

Was wondering if anybody heard of a mount that would run from your seat pole out next to the edge of the boat that you could bolt your t bar in to.. Most people don't want to use the seat pedestal or hole because you loose the use of the seat. Yep, we make those for single seat post and also incorporate it into our double seat mounts too. Once the base plates are mounted in your boat you won't need any tools or wrenches to make adjustments to T-bar or each rod holder--on or off the water. Quick detach base allows for removal in seconds for relocating, trailering covering boat, etc. The whole thing can swivel, which comes in handy sometimes when side pulling, if the guy operating the trolling motor gets a few fish on. The other guy can swivel his lines out of the way a bit if the boat gets to turning one way or the other.

I want to build one with a few improvements, but overall he was pretty close with this one. I will try to post some pics, and point out how I would improve on it, if the thunder storms and rain pass tomorrow.
I drilled a hole on one end big enough for the small rod thats on the pedestal to go thru (the bar that has the threads on it).
I then counterbored that hole half way thru the plate so that the larger diameter of the pedestal will fit in it when you screw the pedestal in.
You can then drill the holes on the other end of the bar to fit your base plate on your rod holder.

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