B) SOLO POST – this patented shock absorbing pedestal is designed to be mounted to all seats or a universal flat bottomed seat slider for fore and aft movement. The track-lock seat slide is adaptable to any existing helmseat and features full Delron bearings on both the sliding mechanism and the swivel pedestal insert. Springfield Boat Seat Pedestals and Bases make your fishing more comfortable and enjoyable.
Springfield Hi-Lo Taper-Lock™ PedestalTwo-position pedestal allows seat to be used in full upright position or down in lower position.

Springfield Adjustable PedestalThe patented locking device with stainless steel bolt allows height adjustment from 13" to 16".
Springfield Power PedestalAdjustable power pedestal offers an air-cushion ride and height control at the touch of a lever.
Our two stage anodized aluminum, adjustable height pedestal is just what you’re looking for. This pedestal comes complete with table mounting flange and either recess or raised (as shown) deck mounting plates.

These slides feature double hard coat anodizing to insure many years of trouble hard coat anodizing to insure many years of trouble service.

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