Boats seat come in an number of different configurations to suit boaters various needs and requirements while on the water. For years Australian boaters have only had the either Springfield boat seats or alternatively wise boat seats, both of these chinese made seats are reasonably priced, however they offer little in the way of comfort or aesthetics. Feel free to call (07)55937099 to learn more about the Tempress seating range and to locate your nearest dealer.
Wise® Blast - OffTM Series Centric 2 Folding Boat Seat has more full - back coverage for back support!
These include the humble folding boat seat which is ideal for smaller boats, bench seats, captains seats , helm seats and increasing the high end bass seats for those look for a real point of difference.

Tempress boat seats while renowned globally as a leading manufacturer of boat seats and supplier to the biggest names in boating building has had little presence ┬áin the Australian market until recently. Tempress boat seats offer a refreshing change with 80% of the Tempress seating range still manufactured in the USA, you don’t have to be a boat upholsterer to recognise instantly the quality and workmanship that goes into these attractive seats.
The Tempress brand has begun to develop a loyal following in Australia over the last 4 years with local boat builders such as Alison Alloy, Plate Alloy and savvy recreational boaters searching for a stylish alternative to the typical chinese price pointed seats available at retail stores. While this extra care and attention to detail sounds expensive, amazingly Tempess seats are surprising competitive and in many cases even leading the way on price. Comfy high-compression foam padding covered with UV-protected, marine-grade vinyl is built to last years!Completely refurbish your fishing boat interior with premium boat builder-grade seating options!

Tempress has become arguably the largest seat manufacturer in the USA and certainly one of the most recognised seating brands in the world.
Mix and match the Blast-OffTM Seats for your bass boat, fish and ski boat or even walleye boat! We are unable to ship factory direct items to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO or FPO addresses.

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