Custom Fiberglass Work, Marine Electronics Repairs, Boat Repairs, Furuno NavNet 3D, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia - Mid-Shore Electronics Chesapkeake Bay and Ocean City MD for marine electronics help, installation, training, sales, parts. Get that sleek, new helm you've wanted - Custom Fiberglass Work and New Marine Electronics.
In addition to the latest marine electronics systems and installation, Mid-Shore Electronics offers custom fiberglass work that will make your old boat look like new. One of our custom marine electronics installations with extensive fiberglass work to the helm. See the photos photos below as an example of our fiberglass work being done in conjunction with the through-hull installation of a Furuno Searchlight Sonar System. And, once our work is done, every part of our work is tested and re-tested, both at the dock and in sea trials.
While much of Mid-Shore Electronics fiberglass work is done in conjunction with marine electronics installation, we also offer general fiberglass repairs. This unforgettable sightseeing cruise around Biscayne Bay and the Venetian Islands with a live tour guide will provide you with the most interesting facts of the city and its islands.

Watch Miami's sea life during this 3 hour tour at Miami Seaquarium.Miami Seaquarium is a place where all animals of the sea come together.
Just by replacing out-dated electronics and re-working your helm, your boat becomes the sleek, attractive vessel you've dreamed of.
With the addition of a new Furuno 15" monitor with Black Box NavNet, new Furuno NavPilot and a new Icom VHF radio, plus repositioning of the engine instrumentation to accomodate the monitor, years of service life and value are added to her name.
You can count on us for top quality fiberglass work and top quality electronics installation with factory trained and certified technicians.
Then we'll make sure that you know how to use all marine electronics equipment we installed or repaired. Whether you need total boat re-glassing, crack and scratch repair, or a new gel coat, our team is here to help. Or maybe you'd like to see a demonstration of Furuno Searchlight Sonar, Furuno NavNet 3D, a FLIR Thermal Imaging System, or a Paradox Marine Safety and Security System in action. Catch a closer look at the homes of the rich and famous as you go by beautiful mansions on Star Island and Hibiscus Island.

Tickets for the HoponHopoff bus.Discover all the things to do in Miami from the top deck of an open top bus. Stop by our showroom, give us a call, or contact us through the link above and we'll set it up.
We will show you the newest marine electronics solutions, including searchlight sonar, thermal imagers, security systems, and NavNet 3D, but we'll also make sure that we stay within your budget.
You can depend on Mid-Shore Electronics to give you the highest quality of sales, service and training available on the Chesapeake Bay, in Ocean City, MD, in the tri-state area of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia and beyond.

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