Click here for an interactive graphic, and learn what it's like to drive a Super Vee race boat.
Hugh Fuller, a Clearwater businessman who drives the top-ranked Super Cat, Bacardi Silver, will go for his third straight national championship. Fuller, a Clearwater businessman who drives the top-ranked Super Cat, Bacardi Silver, could capture his third straight national championship when the American Power Boat Association Offshore tour comes to St.
The Super Cats, twin-engine, 40-foot-long catamarans that can top 130 mph, are the tour's premier class. Most racers, including Fuller, who made his fortune in auto sales, compete for the thrill, not money. Four years ago, American Power Boat Association Offshore took what had been a club sport and introduced rule changes to bring it in line with professional motor sports such as NASCAR. The streamlined classes, designed to make the sport more competitive and to provide close, "deck to deck" racing so the events are more exciting for fans, have been a success.
Fuller and Tomlinson opened the season in April with a win in Daytona and followed with victories in Marathon and Savannah, Ga. Abrams, who partnered with veteran throttle man Jerry Gilbreath for his inaugural season, has his Reliable Carriers Super Cat in top form. In the powerboat association's other "Super Class," Super Vee, all eyes will be on Sarasota's Doug Valentine and Key West's Lee Murray as they seek a national championship for Team Donzi.
Valentine won the national title last year for Sarasota boatmaker Donzi in the class Factory 2, a twin-engine, Vee-hull craft that comes straight off the assembly line. In Savannah, Spiderman was second to H&H Speed and Marine, and in Milwaukee, Team Donzi won. The racing action kicks off at noon Saturday with a battle between the "performance" boats, where crafts of similar speeds are grouped together. Sunday, the twin-engine Factory 2's, Super Vees and Super Vee Lights (which have a smaller engine) race at noon, followed by the Super Cats and Super Cat Lights at 2 p.m.
CATAMARAN: Also known as a cat, a twin-hulled boat that virtually flies on top of the water. CHINE WALKING: When the boat dances from side to side on the chine, the lower edge of the hull.
FEATHERING: Backing off the power when a boat becomes airborne so the engines don't rev too quickly. KITING: When a boat flies off a wave and raises the bow higher than the crew intended, or when a catamaran is overtrimmed, resulting in a possible blowover. LOWER UNIT: The lower half of an outdrive or outboard that contains the drive gears, propeller shaft and the propeller.
ORANGE SMOKE: What you'll see emitted from the pace boat three minutes before the race starts. UIM: Unione de Internationale Motonautique, founded in 1922 and headquartered in Belgium, approves all power boat world records. Related eBooks Engine vibration dampeners on power boats In a traditional marine diesel engine mounting the engine must be precisely aligned with the propellor shaft. Don’t buy an unsuitable boat There are many stories of inexperienced buyers who will either buy a boat that is unsuitable. The Progressive Insurance Atlanta Boat Show, is the biggest venue for the variety of boats and watercraft in the Southeast USA.
This major regional event will be held at the Changwon Exhibition and Convention Centre, Changwon in Gyeongsangnam Province, South Korea.
The aim of installing an engine vibration dampening system is to drastically reduce noise and vibration. The engine dampening system works by having the propellor shaft run through a rubber mounted thrust bearing.
This set up is not cheap, but the reduction of noise and vibration is so great that it makes the expense of a dampening system justified.
The choices are wooden hulls, aluminium hulls, steel hulls, and fibre glass composite hulls. But by far the greatest advantage it has over materials for power boat hulls is that it is low maintenance.
The one potential problem that fibreglass resin boats have is that the resin is slightly permious and will absorb water over time. Water will slowly seep in through the slightly porous gel coat and eventually build up into pockets of water between the gel coat and the fibreglass laminates.
The best way to avoid these blisters is to buy a boat from a manufacturer who has sound boat building practices and uses a thick gel coat layer and fibreglass laminate with plenty of resin. Another way to protect the laminate layer is by spraying the whole hull with a coat of polyurethane or epoxy paint. Some manufacturers insert spacing materials inside the fibreglass laminate to lighten the hull. On saying that, the part of the hull that is above the water line can employ a filler material because water cannot reach it and so will not seep into it.
Stabilisers are recommended for roundbottomed full displacement hulls which have a tendency to roll.
Before you set off for the next boat show or to the nearest broker’s dock to buy the boat of your dreams, you need to make sure that you know what type of boat you actually need for the type of boating you plan to be doing.
However, if you plan to go to open sea then you will need a boat at least 40 foot long at a minimum, and for beginners a boat of 50 foot is a better and safer minimum. On the open sea, you will experience high winds and currents that may be faster than the speed of your boat.
A larger boat will have a larger fuel capacity and better stability with a better ability to smooth out changes in wind and current speeds.
One way to determine what size of boat you need is to count the total number of people who will be cruising with you. If you envisage only the occasional guest then a fold up sofa bed in the main salon will be sufficient for these guests.
Lastly, almost by accident the might do a quick check on the deck layout, anchor and the engine without really understanding what to look out for. Obviously, the boat manufacturers know all this and build their boats accordingly with attractive deck layouts and sleek boat lines of just the right colour.
By concentrating on the boat’s hull and engine you will set yourself apart from all novice buyers.
To evaluate the hull of the boat you are looking at, ideally, you need to obtain station drawings of the hull.
For a new boat insist on an inspection of the boat you are buying (or an identical model) out of the water.
Your first important decision is whether you want a boat with a planing hull, a semi-displacement hull or a full displacement hull.
For people who just want to have a quiet, relaxing and slow journey, such as retired people, then a full displacement hull is ideal. However, in recent years, with advances in technology, notably in hull design and engine design coupled with the nation’s love of speed, most people are buying boats with a planing hull.
The rise in fuel prices in recent years may see some people drift back into buying full displacement hulls.

On the other hand, if your leisure time is limited but money is less of a problem then you will want a faster pace of cruising to get your journeys completed in less time, so that you can have more time at each location. If the route stops are few and far between on the journeys you plan to do then only a fuel efficient boat with a large capacity such as a full displacement hull boat will be practical. Planing hull cruisers should have twin engines a single engine will leave the boat underpowered. The UAE has moved up into number 9 in the league of superyacht builders pushing Greece into 10th largest in a global order book report by boatinternational.
This year’s show will have over 500 boats on display, a larger number than in the past 5 years.
There will be expert advice on selecting and buying a boat, also advice on boating on a budget from Discover Boating’s Welcome to Water Center for as little as $250 a month. Alligator wrestling will be an entertaining attraction with Jeff Quattrocchi wrestling and subduing an eight foot alligator at the Swampmaster Gator Show.
Fred’s Shed is an interactive DIY seminar held throughout the weekend on how to repair motors and regular boat maintenance. The main venue is the magnificent Changwon Exhibition and Convention Center, with its state of the art facilities and 7,827m? of exhibition space. Attendance at the 2012 show was recorded as 33,570 registered visitors at the Changwon Exhibition and Convention Center and approximately 13,000 people at Jinhaeroo. Around 6,000 visitors participated in the “Get on the Water” program, experiencing for themselves the fun and healthy pursuits of kayaking, paddle boats and other forms of boating. To date, the 2013 Yacht & Boat Korea has attracted 60 exhibitors from Korea, 10 from Spain, seven French, four Australian, two New Zealand, one from the UK, one from Poland, and one from the US.
Mr Jin Hoe Kim, President of GnA International said he was confident of achieving the goal of 150 exhibitors from 20 countries and presenting a show of international standard showcasing the recreational marine lifestyle. Coastal Gyeongnam Province is home to a number of quality recreational boat builders and some of the largest commercial shipyards in the world.
In 2013, the focus will be on the B2B component, presenting networking opportunities, seminars and forums featuring internationally respected industry proponents. Also in attendance, Marina Industries Association (MIA), the peak industry body for Australia and the Asia-Pacific, will present two marina courses for the Korean marina industry.
Topics include business of marinas, customer service, emergency procedure, health and safety, day to day operations, environmental management, marina maintenance and boatyard operations.
Korea’s recreational marine leisure lifestyle continues to power ahead with reports of growing interest and more importantly, growing sales of marine craft. The organisers of the 7th edition of Yacht & Boat Korea have recently announced the 2013 dates of this popular event, set for 2 to 5 May 2013. The Middle East is full of yachting enthusiasts and fantastic vessels with many wealthy owners changing on to newer models. This is the show for boat equipment suppliers to attend to find out about the latest in marine equipment.
This year’s show saw 20,500 visitors and 1320 exhibitors over 3 days making it a record. Lots of presentations such as Advanced Marina Management, Marinas as waterfront living spaces at the water, Innovative materials between the floating and fixed world, Global Superyacht Forum, Modern methods of boat building – inspired by automotive industry, Workshop on New Technologies and Manufacturing and The safest and most profitable way to store boats.
Brunswick chairman Dusty McCoy’s speech opened the show, followed by the DAME Awards. This year’s show will have nearly 300 exhibitors and hundreds of boats displayed both in-water and on land. The Yamaha Marine Club Sea-Style will be located in the Ko Olina district in the western coast of Hawaii’s Oahu island.
The district, which is currently being developed as a resort area, is located about 30 minutes from Honolulu International Airport, Yamaha said. Members of the club will be able to rent Yamaha’s boats for cruising, fishing, dolphin watching and other activities. A Solar powered boat that can travel at 7 knots around the Galapagos Islands surely has to be a wonderful thing. PETERSBURG - Imagine speeding around a race course in which the track changes from lap to lap. With boats costing $500,000 or more each (not to mention that their engines must be rebuilt after every race), the class draws the sport's elite. Both men are in top shape and say that physical conditioning is every bit as important as skill in the cockpit. Though the first-place finisher receives a purse ($15,000 for the Super Cat race this weekend), it pales compared with those in auto racing.
But in the fourth race, the reigning world and national champions were knocked off by a rookie driver, Tom Abrams. A second-place finish in Sarasota and a win two weeks ago in Fort Lauderdale prove that Abrams and Gilbreath are a force to be reckoned with.
The big, Vee-hull boats are nearly as fast as the Super Cats, and their races are just as competitive. The California-based Spiderman came out on top in Marathon, only to have a technical penalty take away valuable points and first place. The second race features Factory 1, single-engine Vee hulls that come right off the assembly line. More stable in rough conditions than a catamaran but generally slower than cats of the same size and power. When a boat is racing and trimmed properly, it rides on the pad, reducing contact (and friction) with the water. The step allows air under the hull, reducing friction and permitting about a 10 percent increase in speed. This year’s event will be hosted by Gyeongnam, Changwon and Gyeongnam Technopark, organised by GnA and KNN.
They can be quickly built with less expense because they don’t need an expensive mould to build the boat. This can occur when the boat builder has tried to cut corners by only applying a thin coat of gelcoat in the moulding process and also may have not ensured that all air bubbles in the laminate layering of the fibreglass have been removed. And the manufacturer has ensured that all air pockets and bubbles have been squeezed out of the fibreglass resin layer. This is an added expense, but is worthwhile if the manufacturer has not been thorough in the boat building process.
They only operate when the boat is in motion because water must pass over the fin to create a push against the roll. Either it is too big or it is too small or of poor quality, They will buy a boat on its appearance and price without thinking about how and where they intend to use the boat or how many people will be on board. You need to know what size boat you need, what size engine, and what type of hull you need. Setting off to open sea in a boat that is less than 40 foot long is putting your life and the lives of your passengers in danger. You may find that handling a boat under such conditions very difficult and you might not be able to make headway. You will have a much better chance of buying the boat of your dreams and enjoying your cruising.

The second important decision to make is what propulsion package is best suited to power the boat.
Most boats being manufactured and sold today have a planing hull with a cruising speed between 15 to 20 knots or even higher. If the routes you travel along have many stopping locations with facilities to refuel and purchase provisions then a planing boat is ideal for this.
Such boats can carry enough fuel and provisions to journey for weeks or months without stopping. As a marketing ploy, most manufacturers sell their basic model as underpowered so that they can make a mark up profit by selling more suitably powered engines.
From preliminary reports, business to business meetings resulted in contracts valued at US$60,647,213 being negotiated. Peter Methven OBE, President of ICOMIA will be a VIP guest and keynote speaker at the industry conference with the theme Marine Equipment, held during the 2013 Yacht & Boat Korea, Thursday 28 November. The first course is the two-day Marinas 202, a practical, operational course designed for marina staff and managers.
The other course, the one-day Marina 101, focuses on overall concepts in the marina industry such as marina infrastructure, the business of marinas, customer service, health and safety and environmental management.
In the past 10 months, ownership and registrations statistics show 60 sailing yachts and 200 powerboats in the 6 to 15m range were purchased in Korea. To attract more visitors, the Show is aiming to grow, hosting more local as well as international exhibitors. The show is an ideal way for boating enthusiast to buy an upmarket model at a fraction of the price. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show, is the largest in-water boat show on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
Events include an extensive schedule of educational marine seminars from Sail America, kids fishing clinics presented by the nonprofit Hook The Future. With the boat utilising renewable energy and creating no pollution it seems like the ideal for the Galapagos National Park. However, The German-made Torqueedo electric engine—rigged to be charged by the solar panels on the boat’s canopy—is rapidly coming down in price and has a 10-year warranty. The team with the deepest pockets, and consequently, the best equipment - not always the best driver or throttle man - usually won. Murray, who ran nearly a perfect season last year for Nick Carter Racing, the team formed by the Backstreet Boy, also has national and world titles under his belt. To achieve and maintain this alignment, the engine must be firmly attached to heavy and stiff moutings which are firmly embeded into the hull. The thrust bearing is then connected to a CV joint (a universal joint that can connect the engine to the thrust bearing at any angle).
However, in warmer seas, dry rot and wood boring insects are a constant problem, which could mean you spending more time repairing and maintaining your boat than actually cruising. Also, this expense is recuperated over the long term because of the much reduced maintentance costs. The main drawback is that water will seep into this core material destroying the bond between the core and the fibreglass laminate. The fins turn to a left or right angle to create a force against the water opposite to the roll. If you will be doing your own piloting then you need to buy a boat large enough and stable enough to handle the seas you plan to cruise in. And, if you plan to go ashore frequently en-route to stretch your legs and top up with fuel and provisions then you don’t need a spacious accommodation.
Once they find a boat that fits their ideal image then they start examining the boat’s interior decor. And, because of the greater storage capacity of a full displacement boat the journeys can be longer without stopping.
The main disadvantage of planing boats is that they have a much higher rate of fuel consumption. They can freely use the new facility in Hawaii as well as all of Yamaha’s 140 marinas in Japan. Without the solar panels, a boat could be outfitted to run on a Torqueedo engine for about $30,000. The result is that all the engine’s vibrations are directly transmitted through the hull of the ship. The cv joint connects to the engine completing the transmission of power from engine to propellor shaft. Furthermore insurance companies do not like insuring wooden boats, so you will spend a lot more on insurance. Delamination quickly follows, and the hull will be significantly weakened making the boat unseaworthy. A gyroscopic control system that detects the tilt of the boat determines which direction to turn the fin. But at the same time it must be small enough and manageable enough for you to operate easily.
After that they might consider the layout provides enough space for mum and dad and the kids. The boat must have the correct hull and a suitable power unit for the type of cruising you plan to do.
One slight disadvantage is because of the rounded hull these type of boats are more likely to roll. There will of course be the obligatory boat show exclusive discounts, making it a good place to buy.
It is the flexibility of the connection that allows the engine to be mounted on strong, but very flexible rubber mountings.
Insurance companies will often insist on an anual seaworthiness inspection before insuring at all.
If you plan to sail through ice floes then the steel hull will cut through surface ice that would damage a hull made from a weaker material.
After they have sold themselves on the boat their minds turn to colour combinations of the drapes and carpets of the main saloon. Aluminium hulled boats do, like steel boats, rust because of saltwater corrosion and electrolysis. This allows water to get directly into the fibreglass laminate layer which will weaken the whole hull structure.
And any movement doesn’t snap the propellor shaft because of the flexible connection.

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