Over here the big water hunters build those big assed blinds like Giga posted, except bigger.
On the Illinois river there are permanent blinds in open water that kill 600 ducks a season on public ground. An annual HOA fee of $275 covers water, electric, general upkeep and repairs for the parking area and docks. The boat lift visible in some of the pictures has been removed, but the substantial, 35' pilings (new in 2012) and the electrical service for a lift have remained in place and are ready for your own lift. This is the largest slip located at Salerno Pines Boat Basin and is believed to be the most reasonably priced deeded slip of its size located anywhere in Martin County, FL.
In answer to your question regarding rentals, yes, it is no problem to rent out your slip when you aren't using it. Just because some birds may hve gotten used to yours, they've also been shot at by the big random pile of brush in the shap of a square somewheres else. The first time I went there we passed one with a generator and lights in it, I thought it was a bit of an overkill but I think they spent the night in it.

Are you searching for the perfect houseboat Look no further that the 1959 54ft Seagoing Tiki.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. This is a very well protected 30' x 13' deeded boat slip located at the Salerno Pines Boat Basin. In the marsh I try to keep it as low as possible to blend in with the grass, even if it means going park the boat and paddle to the blind with a pirogue - esp.
I'm saying your way more likely to kill more ducks closer to you, in a blind that is blended into its surroundings and not as obvious as one that sticks out like a sore thumb with no other cover other than itself. There are no pine trees, oak limbs, or bamboo just growing in the middle of a lake but that is what 99% of blinds are brushed with! Accessibility to Private yacht Club readily available, including restaurant, diving pool and tennis courts. The Salerno Pines Boat Basin features 24 hour secure access, dedicated parking, water, electric, fish cleaning station, and dock lighting.
The duck commander hunts out of some of the biggest and nicest blinds I've seen, but there nothing a random pile of brush in the middle of no other cover.

I've hunted out of them, and after the second split, birds won't even come within 50 yards of them. If you notice, most every single one of their blindes are extremely well blended in to their surroundings.
When the cold fronts come in and bring new birds in, even those seem weary of the big square random pile of brush in the middle of no other cover. Get some post, and tie trees, brush, etc to them and basically make your own surroundingsWell said! Get some post, and tie trees, brush, etc to them and basically make your own surroundingsYou have obviously never hunted a big river.

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