Boat slips, dry docking, and mooring options are available, however you should call us at 423-725-2223 to check availability. Enjoy Hampton Watercraft's Marina, located on Long Island on the picturesque Shinnecock Canal, in Hampton Bays, NY. Holds a chest of drawers, office file boxes, a chair, clothing, tall items like lamps and coat racks. Try our space estimator to assist you in choosing the right storage size for your belongings.

We can accommodate runabouts, pontoons, sailboats, houseboats, cruisers, and waverunners based on availability. When you finally manage to accomplish this, after a few months there is a new problem with the card.
Satin nickel finished hardware.The Hekman Home Office Boat Desk is available in the Washington, MI area from Hampton House Furniture. Offering over 20 years of Boat Rig Experience, Certified Technicians, Full Service Gas and Diesel, and Storage for 300 boats.

While visiting our Marina make sure you stay for one of our famous lobster rolls at our very own waterfront restaurant, the Canal Cafe.

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