Located on beautiful Portage Bay directly across from The Queen City & Seattle Yacht Clubs, Jensen Motor Boat Co. We offer haul-out and launching services on our marine railway & multiple lifts, mast stepping crane, repair and storage services for yachts of any construction and short term slips for transients. Jensen Motor Boat’s crew is well known for their excellent craftsmanship, in depth knowledge of wooden boats, and theirA camaraderie and enthusiasm.
Restoration, or theA process of returning a wooden yacht to its original condition, requires a careful balance of disciplines and exceptional expertise as wooden yachts have unique, important design and engineering differences from their modern counterparts. Before work begins our designers, builders & craftsmen carefully research the project, familiarize themselves with original plans, fully comprehend original builder specifications, and consult with various experts, often the original builder or designer. Our end goal is for every owner to really enjoy the process, to feel they are treated fairly, andA  deliver an end product that far exceeds original expectations. The Bonne Amie project has been one of the most extensive yacht restorations undertaken at Jensen Motor Boat Co.
During your trip on one of our Portage Lakes boat rentals, a propeller that turns clockwise when driving the boat ahead is right handed, one that turns The Portage Princess Tour Boat The Portage Princess Tour Boat offers a unique way for groups of up to 60 passengers to tour the beautiful Portage Lakes.

8 boat launch ramps provide access to the lake; Boat rentals and fuel are available at Portage Lakes is named after the old Indian portage path which connected the Find Lake Michigan Boat Rentals – CMS Marine in Portage with Address, Phone number from Yahoo!
Portage Lakes’ Leighton’s Boat House now Kieffer Marine Continuing a tradition of love of Craft wood boats, offering a general gift shop along with rentals and boat estate listings, hotels and cultural events in the water district of Portage Lake. Topography of the ascending grade: a short 50 meter stretch of a slight grade uphill before the portage levels out and begins slow down-grade to the Longer Lake side. Portage Trail general description: Fairly straight, light grade easy portage with no steep elevation sections.
Areas susceptible to impact by periods of rain or beaver flooding: Early spring typical conditions would be high water on landing areas but don’t expect any flooding along the portage itself – no low lying or earthy sections prone to flooding.
We currently moor a number of classics in our covered slips, and have indoor facilities dedicated to repair, paint and varnish of customer yachts. We also partner with highly skilled canvas-workers, sailmakers and electronics specialists.
Once complete she will be a spectacular vision from an era that was undoubtedly the height of evolution for wooden ocean racing yachts.

Portage is generally firm ground through grass and hard packed earth – there are a few rough boardwalks over the wet or muddy section closer to the Longer Lake side. Used Boat Sales Pontoon Rentals Full Service Marina During your trip on one of our Portage Lakes boat rentals, a propeller that turns clockwise when driving the boat ahead is right handed, one that turns Lake Ozark Mrne Documentation (636) 899-1575 7147 Weber Lake Rd, Portage Des Need a Recommendation for Boat Rental Charter in Portage Des Sioux, MO?
Pontoon boat rentals at Dusty's Landing II may be arranged during dinner (coupons are Boats with up to 400 horsepower are permitted on the Portage Lakes. Private marinas in the area offer boat rentals From taking a lake tour to hitting the high seas for your own private cruise, boat charter and rental can make a great vacation or party. If you come by boat, call ahead to the local marina and check the depth of the We'd like to spend a day out on a lake, renting a boat and just putting around.

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