We all know how much fun boating is, and how it’s great to share it with the entire family. Boating structural damage usually occurs from abrupt groundings, collision with other objects, or the rotting of a wooden hull. Serious abrasions affect the integrity of your boats’ structure, not to mention the ugly damage they cause the vessel. Whether caused by a storm, collision, or just normal wear and tear, once damage has occurred, it is imperative to quickly get the damage repaired to seal out moisture and protect your boat or watercraft from further damage.
Not only is boat self storage a great choice for placing your boat in the winter months, there are also several other reasons to consider storing your boat.
City ordinances – Does your city prohibit the storage of boats on driveways as many cities do?
Marina storage rates – How much does it cost to store your boat at the marina over the winter? Security – Compare the security features at self storage facilities compared to your driveway or a marina.
Now that we’ve answered these questions, it’s time to get your boat to the storage facility and store it for the winter months. Option 1 – A climate controlled storage unit may be the best way to guarantee your boat is protected from the outdoor elements. Option 2 – Outdoor storage is also an option for people in less harsh winter climates. Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plugs and spray the cylinders with anti-corrosion liquid. We are confident if you follow these boat storage tips your boat will be safe and secure until you are ready to cruise the waves again! If you are looking to park your boat, recreational vehicle or any other large toys, Fenton Self Storage can accommodate your vehicle, boat and RV storage needs.

When considering outdoor or seasonal boat and RV storage options, call or come by if you're in any of the following areas around St Louis (convenient for people in townships around). St Augustine Shipyard dry boat storage can accommodate boats up to 42′ in length weighing up to 35,000 pounds.
Significant damage to the hull may cause the boat to flood with water or produce stress cracks which may develop into hull failure at a later time. Abrasions break down the barrier of gel-coat or paint and expose the hull’s fiberglass to damage. But where did you keep your boat when you were shoveling your driveway of snow and not cruising around the lake? Be sure to compare the costs as storing at the marina may be more convenient but also much more expensive.
Self storage facilities typically have gate access, 24 hour surveillance, on-site managers and door alarms. There are 2 options when storing your boat for the winter – indoor and outdoor storage facilities. The climate controlled unit will reduce the chance of damage to your boat as well as ensure the boat is not exposed to rain, wind, cold or snow. The cost is typically lower than a climate controlled unit but your boat is exposed to the elements. These tips will help keep your boat safe and clean until it’s time to get it back on the water.
You can refill the system with antifreeze and water, as recommended by the manufacturer or simply flush the system with clean water. Now, jump to our homepage or use our convenient Zip Code Search at the top to find local self storage facilities. For instance, not all the self storage companies out there have large enough units to accommodate boats.

Offering secure spaces from 12 feet to 45 feet, we are located in the St Louis area (near highways 141 and 44) for seasonal, short-term and even long-term rentals. After any significant collision or hard grounding, the boat should be hauled out of the water and the hull inspected for cracks, fractures of joints, or any other damage. The conditions a boat faces from water and sunlight can quickly break down unprotected fiberglass. Budget, convenience and availability are key components in determining what you will do with the boat when its not in the water.
A storage facility may even be closer to your home than a marina which means you can check on your boat to make sure everything is safe and secure. The units also control temperature and humidity which will prevent freezing and excess moisture on your boat. Also, abrasions sometimes go all the way through the fiberglass and damage the core of the boat’s hull. Storing your boat on a trailer in your driveway is probably the cheapest and storing it at the marina is the most effective, but self storage might be the easiest and safest in order to protect the boat from damage in the long run. Shrink wrapping your boat is also a great way to protect the exterior of the boat from rain, snow, wind and UV rays. Luckily, most of the reputable self storage companies out there provides space for boat storage too. The Marina will also feature restaurants and ship supplies for local residents and transient boaters. Proper storage will ensure your boat looks its best, lasts longer and is protected throughout all seasons of the year.

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