Please Note: Many builders have gone through color changes and utilize different color schemes on different boats.
Because parts are built to order, we cannot accept any returns on account of color discrepancy. This item is free standing and simply fastens directly to your deck or between two extrusions. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about exciting new products and specials!
Victoria RV & Boat Storage in Rancho Cucamonga has over 500 Indoor Self Storage, Mini Self Storage, and Outdoor Parking Spaces!
Located on Interstate 15 Fwy exit Base Line., Victoria RV Storage is easily accessible from all surrounding areas. About Victoria RV & Boat StorageVictoria RV & Boat Storage is the best RV storage facility in town. Tackle box shells are fabricated out of King Starlite® because of its price and weight savings.

Because they are hidden once the box is installed in your cutout, the sides, top, bottom, back, and other non-visible structural portions of the box are composed of white Starlite -- regardless of the material color chosen for the box. The simplest and easiest mounting option is to mount your components through the front face of the framework using stainless steel screws or bolts.
Inside Mounting allows you to mount your box without any visible fasteners; however, it can be a slightly more involved installation. Our brand new 12 + acre facility features more than 500 indoor self storage, mini self storage and outdoor parking spaces for storing all of your extra vehicles; cars, boats, trucks, RVs, and trailers and in addition, a newly built section for your self storage needs.
For more information on our Rancho Cucamonga Storage facilities, visit the RV and Boat Storage Features.
Whether you plan on taking your vehicle to Lake Mead, Lake Havasu, or Las Vegas, we are the gateway to your destination! When Starlite gets dirty, the material edges become very difficult to clean due to their semi-porous design. If preferred, any box that comes predrilled for inside mounting can easily be mounted using face mounting by simply drilling and countersinking your own mounting holes through the face frame.

You can always count on our professional on-site managers to help you with your storage needs. For your reference, we have compiled a "best guess" list matching boat manufacturers' colors. If you are unsure which color best matches your boat, we highly recommend purchasing a set!
The result is a less dense, lighter and yet tremendously sturdy material that is equally water and weather resistant. For this reason, Starboard is used on all visible parts of your tackle box; including doors, frames, drawers, dividers, and anything else that would show an edge.

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