With over 8km of beach fully equipped to cater to all bather demands, Lignano offers numerous facilities for relaxation and entertainment and a futuristic thermal centre. Sailing: 8 modern and fully equipped basins offering berthing, sailing assistance, surveillance and winter garaging. Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. It comes to life in the 30s and is soon  one of the best and renowned centres of the High Adriatic coastal area.
The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products. Bust view in uniform with rank of major general, Backmark: Morse's Gallery of the Cumberland, Nashville, Tenn.
He was discharged for promotion on October 5, 1861, and commissioned captain, 61st Pennsylvania Infantry. Photograph of the 3 Humiston children, their names Frank, Frederick and Alice are imprinted on the front mount.
He served as a general of New Jersey troops, and led the 4th Division in General Irvin McDowell's army with distinction at the 1st battle of Bull Run. The city is divided into three areas: Lignano Sabbiadoro, the initial centre, Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera completely immersed in the thick pine forest. Senate in 1858 and 1860, he attended the Democratic National Convention in Charleston as a supporter of Stephen A.

He was commissioned colonel, 27th New Jersey Infantry, October 9, 1862, and colonel, 33rd New Jersey Infantry, September 5, 1863. Sedgwick saw action in the Peninsular campaign until his wounding at the battle of Glendale.
At the 1st battle of Bull Run, he was wounded and captured while in command of a brigade, remaining a prisoner for more than a year, part of the time as a hostage for Rebel privateersmen whom the Federal authorities had threatened to hang as pirates.
He distinguished himself at the battle of Antietam, and was wounded three times before being carried off the field unconscious. On the day of his release he was commissioned a brigadier general and he led a division at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Knoxville, and in Grant's Overland campaign against Richmond in the summer of 1864. He was appointed major general in 1863, and put in command of all troops in the New Jersey National Guard, serving in this position until 1873.
Commissioned brevet brigadier general, March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious Civil War service. After fighting at 1st Bull Run, he returned to Illinois to recruit the 31st Illinois Infantry of which he was commissioned colonel.
Was awarded the Medal of Honor, for heroic gallantry at Williamsburg, Va., May 5, 1862, where he led a desperate charge against the Rebels.
He was awarded The Medal of Honor for distinguished gallantry at 1st Bull Run, where he voluntarily led repeated charges until he was wounded and taken prisoner. An instant success as a field commander, he saw action at Belmont, and Fort Donelson where he was wounded.

At Spotsylvania, on May 9, 1864, his aides cautioned him about the unnecessary risks he was taking in exposing himself to the enemy.
Sedgwick, replied, "they couldn't hit an elephant at this distance!" Moments later a Confederate sharpshooter found his mark and killed him instantly!
Also includes the following imprint: Sergeant Humiston fell in the first day's struggle at Gettysburg. 13, 1863, he fought at Corinth, Shiloh, Vicksburg, the Atlanta campaign where he was wounded again, and the 1865 Carolina's campaign. When found, he could not be recognized, and was buried among the unknown dead; but the picture his brave hand grasped in death, the portrait of his three little children, months afterwards led to his identification. After the war he returned to politics and served as congressman or senator from Illinois almost uninterruptedly until his death.
He was greatly involved in veteran's affairs and was instrumental in founding Memorial Day.

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