Since last Friday, the utility says it has received more than 20 calls from people reporting a potential phone scam. Affinity says clinicians and staff at the Menasha Airport Road location will see patients through Friday, May 6.
Nancy Eggleston of the Wood County Health Department says 276 people may have been exposed at a weekend banquet at Hotel Marshfield.
DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The estimated Powerball jackpot is the biggest in US history, reports our sister station WDTN. These tickets are a hot commodity right now, but when Powerball sales go up, stores that sell them need to do things differently.

According to Ohio lottery data, lottery retail stores around the state sold more than $840,000 worth of tickets Friday, in just one hour.
But with more tickets, comes a bigger risk of crime because in most states that sell lottery tickets, they have to be bought with cash.
So far this Shell station has only had hopeful customers wanting a winning ticket come through their doors. Auto Parts Stores in Mansfield, TX - AOL Local Yellow PagesFind great Auto Parts Stores in Mansfield, TX using AOL Local Yellow Pages. So at $2 a ticket, the money these lottery retailers are taking in have them stepping up security.

We are making frequent … more drops …making sure our registers are not full of cash,” said Bragalone.

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