Historic buildings of all types – from churches and cathedrals, to local pubs, housing estates, tube stations and industrial buildings – have their champions, and many are listed to protect them from unsympathetic development, destruction or neglect.
The grand home, completed in 1866, also included a butler’s lift, gas lighting and a central heating system. While the Saltaire site has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, sparked partly by its association with artist David Hockney, the Hunslet Mill and Victoria Works have been disused for decades, and partly destroyed.

Built for the wealthy copper mine owner Hugh Robert Hughes, it has been earmarked for redevelopment, but plans have stalled, and the building has languished unused for years.
But every year some extraordinary buildings are lost to the public, too – falling out of use and into disrepair when they could, with more support, continue to thrive. Since then, it’s been in the hands of the Queen’s Crown Estate solicitors, who have struggled to entice developers.

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