It’s the holiday season, and Bayfront Bistro is our spotlight choice for a memorable Christmas Dinner on Fort Myers Beach. Description: In the waters off of Fort Myers Beach, you can often find the Florida manatee in their natural habitat.
Whether you live in SW Florida or are just visiting Fort Myers Beach for a sunshine top-up, getting out on the water on a Dolphin Tour is one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy this corner of Floridian paradise. Established since 1999, Good Time Charters and Tours is a well-established part of the Estero community. To see these friendly creatures just feet away is a real thrill, and the great thing about Good Time Charters is that they actually guarantee dolphin viewing on their four-hour long Marine Life Explorers Adventure.
The latest craze of Stand Up Paddleboarding can be enjoyed on a Shelling and Paddleboarding Tour.
Last but not least, you can take a Kayak Tour with Good Time Charters around the calm shallow waters of Estero Bay which is separated from the Gulf by many barrier islands.
Southwest, Florida: Boat Rentals, Fishing, Marinas, Water, Rentals, Things To Do Fort Myers Beach. Boat rentals in Fort Myers Beach have to easily be one of the most popular activities for visitors due to the abundance of water that surrounds Estero Island.
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Operation of the Fort Myers Princess is discontinued until December 15, while our vessel undergoes routine maintenance.

The Fort Myers Princess Ticket and Sales Office, pictured above, is located down Old San Carlos Boulevard, north of busier Times Square and the Fort Myers Beach Fishing Pier. As a resident myself, I was amazed to discover the amount of wildlife that you can get up-close and personal with. Based at the Snook Bight Yacht Club and Marina in Fort Myers Beach, the company offers a range of cruises, fishing charters and tours. You can often see dolphins swimming in the bay, leaping in the bow waves or chasing the wake of local boats as they swim and play as part of a family pod. Ideal even for beginners, the tour heads out around the calm waters and mangrove forests of offshore barrier islands, combining some fun exercise with swimming and shelling on a secluded island beach. It’s a relaxing way to explore the scenic bay area, spotting Great White Herons, Anhingas and maybe a rare Scarlet Ibis along with manatees and dolphins.
We are now booking our famous New Year's Eve Cruise and winter and spring weddings, along with rehearsal dinner cruises. The lower deck features large, picturesque windows that open to the fresh air for your viewing pleasure while sailing along the river.
Our Sales Office is on the Northeast corner of the resort building at the end of Old San Carlos Blvd overlooking the pristine Matanzas Pass.
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A Wildlife Tour with Good Time Charters and Tours not only includes seeing dolphins, manatees, pelicans and rare birds, you are accompanied by an experienced marine biologist!
The area is famous for its fishing charters, with excellent catches of snook, redfish, trout, snapper and larger fish such as shark, pompano and Spanish mackerel.

They love to play in the wake of the Key West Express catamaran as it sails around Bowditch Point Park and out into the open sea every morning. The onboard marine biologist helps passengers net and identify all sorts of marine life as well as shelling, snorkeling (gear provided) and kayaking.
Led by a well-informed Certified Naturalist, this kayaking trip may be the best two hours of your holiday in Fort Myers Beach! The Fort Myers Princess is docked behind Nervous Nellie'sA restaurant under the Sky Bridge on Fort Myers Beach a€“ adjacent toA the Marina Village Resort Condominium docks.
The Fort Myers Princess open-bow area is a great place to see the occasional dolphin playing in our bow wake, and the top open-air deck is spacious enough for viewing Florida's beautiful sunsets or stargazing. Expect to see manatees, sea urchins, conchs and brittle stars in a fantastic educational trip. There is seating for up to 70 passengers on our enclosed, climate-controlled lower deck, which is available for a luxurious dining experience for your wedding and other private party charters. Needless to say, all marine life is released back into the wild to ensure their presence for many generations to come. The vessel can also accommodate your private cocktail party on both our open-air upper deck and lower enclosed deck for up to 140 guests.

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