If you are looking for fun in the sun with your family, 48th Street Watersports has it all.
With roots in the Hawaiian Islands and made popular in song by the Beach Boys, stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports today. PEOPLE ARE TALKINGDelmarva's colorful shipwreck past is being brought vividly back to life again in Fenwick Island, Delaware, in an exciting new exploratory museum appropriately named DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum.
With an amazing beach side facility on the open bay, we are recognized as having the finest location in Ocean City for water sports and beach activities. The shipwreck museum is on the north edge of Ocean City and is tucked away in Seashell City upstairs.

Learn about Spanish, French, British, Irish, and Colonial shipwrecks and lost treasures of history, gold, silver and jewels that lie in briny graves just offshore local beaches waiting to be discovered.
Hear about infamous pirates who once roamed Delaware and Maryland beaches and learn about their notorious methods for luring unsuspecting vessels into their clutches. Singing sea chanteys, taking the time-honored oath of loyal sailors,storytelling and a gang effort to find the treasure and fend off other ships is all part of the fun.
At 48th Street Watersports you will enjoy getting your feet in the sand and in the sparkling water of the beautiful Isle of Wight Bay. The museum is illuminated by its display cases giving you the spooky feeling of being in the depths of a pirate ship.

Gather your facts for the rest of your journey, you will be surprised how many times you can reference them later in the day!

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