The original 3-Mast schooner Atlantic was commissioned 1903 by New York Yacht Club member Wilson Marshal. Everything about this magnificent yacht has been designed to provide the ultimate sailing experience in the greatest possible comfort.
Although she won all races she entered in her first season, it was her astonishing record crossing during the 1905 Transatlantic Race that would make her the probably most celebrated schooner of the 21st Century. Under Captain Charlie Barr, Atlantic set a record that would stand for close to a century, the longest standing speed record in the history of any sport. Atlantic was however not a typical flat out racing yacht, on the contrary, she was built with all possible luxury for the owner and guests to enjoy cruising and racing in maximum comfort. However, in a radical departure, outside expertise was brought in to push the boundaries of performance.
The fact that during her first 40 years she merely had 3 owners, Marshal, Vanderbilt and Lambert) goes to show that she offered anything and all to the most demanding yachtsmen.

After World War II, the Atlantic would not sail again, she remained on the east coast of America, often in cycles of neglect and care.
10 ensuite cabins (8 twin cains with 2 dbl bed, 3 crew cabins), fully equipped galley, aircon,many extras. It was her mythical status that kept her afloat and attracted dreamers who hoped that one day she would set sail again.
Despite so many well meant efforts, it was not to be and in November 1982 she was finally broken up. However, soon after, the first initiatives to reconstruct this legendary yacht surfaced, however non of them seemed to have the combination of means and knowledge to make it happen, that was until Ed Kastelein came along. It was in 2003 during the crossing from Brazil to France on board his much celebrated schooner Eleonora that he disclosed his plans to build Atlantic as his ultimate masterpiece. During the following three years exhaustive research revealed all plans and photos needed to reconstruct Atlantic so the actual preparations could start.

Naval architect Doug Peterson was among the first to join the team, his responsibility was to redraw the lines. The keel for the steel hull was laid in spring 2007 at the van der Graaf shipyard near Rotterdam and meanwhile a small furniture factory was built in the south of France where the team of carpenters studied plans and original photos to replicate the deck structures and skylights. Under the watchful eye and management of yachtbuilder and captain Ed Kastelein a team of dedicated craftsman worked for the best of three years to recreate what once was the most loved schooner of her time.
She exceeded all expectations, sailing fast at every point of sail with amazing ease and comfort. Her motion in seaway being gentle and smooth, even in high winds and seas she moves with what the British once referred to as Majestic urgency.

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