The X-Star is as much a study in modern design as it is in the development of modern wakeboarding itself. When we posed this question to our elite wakeboard team years ago, they didn’t have an answer.
Ever since that group of pros helped us conceive the modern X-Star, our team (and the thousands of aspiring pros like them) has been pushing themselves, and their sport, forward. Each year, thousands of new tricks are landed by new riders who have answered the calling of the X-Star.

Exquisitely sculpted and continually refined, the X-Star is defined not by what the boat is, but what it does. The fastest-selling wakeboard boat of all time, it is a study in contrasts; its hard-edged, American industrial chic exterior cleaves a path of thick, smooth-tipped wakes. This powerful combination has led the X-Star to 3 straight Rider’s Choice awards and the praise of riders the globe over. Ten years after its birth, the X-Star is still doing the impossible – pushing the best in the world to their limits and beyond.

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