The winds are starting to lie down and it’s a wonderful time for fishing in South Florida. If youa€™re not in the mood to be out in open water, fishing Biscayne Bay and the flats are great choices.
There are many rules and regulations to be aware of when it comes to fishing in South Florida. For more information about Fishing Season contact our facility at 786-728-9988 or click here. In Miami, El NiA±o can bring more rain and cooler weather this winter than wea€™re used to a€” which can have a big effect on fishing and diving activities.
As a result of the increased storms, boaters can experience poor water conditions and low visibility without warning.
If you have questions about our NiA±o Boating Tips or want to know about the weather at our Miami Marina give us a call today at 786-728-9988 or click here. Know your limits:A Legal Limit is 12 lobster per person, per day in South Florida except in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park where the limit is 6 lobster per person per day.
Legal Size limit is 3a€? or larger than the carapace (the upper part of the lobster from where the tail meets the head).
Happy Trailer Rentals New, MEGA Triple Axle Boat trailer is now the biggest boat trailer for rent in South Florida. We recently had the cool opportunity to work with our manufacturer to design and build a custom MEGA Triple Axle Boat Trailer.
The new boat trailer for rent is easily customizable to your boat’s needs with the adjustment system built into it.
If you are fortunate enough to be in South Florida during the winter months youa€™ll notice the weather is sublime.
Be flexible when planning your day on the water, as winter storms tend to move in fast and sit for days.
Christmas Light Boat Tour: Enjoy a boat tour through the intercostal waterways to see the eclectic assortment of Christmas lights and decorations.

Water Taxi: Instead of sitting in holiday traffic from all the snowbirds, take the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi to navigate around our illustrious city.
Get Mobile: Rent a boat trailer and go to the Florida Keys or West Coast to enjoy the warm weather and calmer waters.
If you have any suggestions for our winter boating tips please let us know by calling (786) 728-9988. In Falun, Dalarna you can rent boats on trailer and on Lake Runn by the city’s Falun and Borlange. Half Moon Bay Marina has two trailer park enclosures with a number of trailer parks available. This entry was posted in Products and tagged boat trailer rental, Catamaran Trailer, Catamaran Trailer Rental, Florida, Miami, Pontoon Boat Trailer, Pontoon Boat TrailerRental on June 20, 2013 by admin.
HEAVY DUTY GALVANIZED HYDRAULIC BOAT TRAILER , 4 EXTENDABLE ARMS, HYDRAULIC FRAME AND PINTLE TONGUE. With lobster season A and stone crab season coming to its end, there are many other opportunities to go fishing as we come out of Spring. If youa€™re fishing the bay make sure to have some live shrimp and get ready to catch the ravenous speckled trout that are chowing down this time of year. However, experts are predicting a much different story for 2016, making boat safety and maintenance essential as we welcome in the New Year.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationa€™s Climate Prediction Center gives Florida a 70 percent chance of above-normal rainfall, which is on-par with what wea€™ve been experiencing this fall. Review out boating tips below about preparing yourself for bad weather during this Super El Nino year.
Talk to your passengers and make sure when that when bad weather arrives to keep low in the boat, dona€™t move around excessively and dona€™t go out on deck unless necessary.
Ready emergency equipment like hand pumps, bailers, first aid kit, signaling device, and flare gun etc. Ita€™s always a great time to get your fill of lobster (and to share some of the lobster with your friendly boat rental staff, of course), but we want you to come back safe and sound.

Through the entire process Happy Trailer owner, Cory Reiter, was involved and ensures customers this trailer can do it all from riding smooth on the busy roads and highways of South Florida to having the highest towing capacity of any boat trailer for rent in Miami, Florida. We modified the trailer to make it easy for owners to load and unload their boat at the marina with a forklift without having to use straps. With average temperatures in the 70a€™s, there is no stopping the fun due to cold weather like our friends up north. While here you can see everything from boat parades and seawall fishing rodeos to manatees and billfish tournaments. From the deep sea to Biscayne Bay there are plenty of opportunities to catch your next dinner or wall mount.
April through July is also a very good time to sharpen up on your fly fishing skills in the bay The tarpon are here in great abundance, and if youa€™re looking for the Slam (tarpon, permit, bonefish), it can happen during these next few months.
The following tips were collected from various resources and our friends in the Marine and Boating Industry. This means, shave 45 minutes off the old process – Now it takes only minutes to load and unload a boat from a trailer at the marina.
Ita€™s all fun until you get a fine, so whether youa€™re hunting for Wahoo or Mahi or grouper, we want you to be safe when it comes to size and season regulations. View our guide below to a successful 2016 Fishing Season in Miami and all of South Florida.
And remember; to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), size and timing do matter.

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