STEP 2: Insert the angled rod of the short rod assembly into the lug bracket, and rotate until the nub on the rod fits through the keyholes in the bracket.
STEP 3: Position the tire hook around the front of the tire and slide the long end of the tube into the open tube of the short rod assembly. STEP 4: Insert the special padlock pin through the hole closest to the aft end of the short rod assembly, and install the brass lock on the notched end of the pin. The problem is that some crooks don't care about damaging the trailer and will just chain up your rig and drag it away. The Trailer Keeper fits wheel sizes up to 15 inches, and can be installed and removed in just a couple minutes.
Trailer Valet goal is to provide their customers include boat owners with built to last innovative trailer accessories. With a simple crank and handle the Trailer Valet Company not only replaces your current jack, but also allows you to move your vessel, and steer it.
At only 45lbs Trailer Valet is designed from High quality steel with powdercoat hammer finish and brass bearings. This dolly works great for tandem axle boat trailers and has a t-capacity of a 1,000 lbs and a load of 10,000 lbs.
If you have insurance make sure you do not accept any offer that does not fully compensate you. Over 35 years BoatMaster Company is focused on producing and engineering a trailer systems for boats. Also they can recommend you the best trailer or optional cages, ramps and racks that’s right for your boat.
Boat Trailers:There are fitted with dirt and waterproof hubs and independent suspension took exemplary German manufacturers exclusively maintenance-free rubber suspension axles. They build Boat trailers for sailing and power boats of 250 to 10000kg total weight, as well as special boat trailer for a variety of applications and transport duties. In particular, any suggestions are most welcome and their customers will get from us gladly considered and carefully performed. They transport in a part of Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, England, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, northern Italy and France.
The highest quality custom aluminum boat trailers include exclusive bunk designs with the huge list of standard features that fit every needs. They provide trailer settings for over 30 boat brands including: fiberglass, pontoon, aluminum and fishingboats, skiffs, Jon boats tactical ocean boats and much more.

Tennessee Company is proud to offer specific boats owners CM trailers with adjustable bunk hardware which systems can be used to go under similar hulls and sized boats by resetting the bunks.
Designed from upcycled steel materials with paddlesports(canoe and kayak) TT newest line of Boat Trailers, with a 2,100 lb total carrying. The Company are the brand name holder and developer, and producer of the boat trailers for the best price. If you lock the coupler, a thief can't simply hitch up your trailer and drive away in conventional fashion. As a result of all this abuse, fender topsides can eventually look as ugly as the underside.
The bed lining material hardly had a scratch, and it still adhered to the severely warped sheet metal.
A little trial and error will get the alignment just right to allow the tire hook to be installed easily. To thwart this kind of thief, the best technique is to make the trailer immovable, such as by removing the trailer wheels. Not only that, but the thing is bright orange, so a potential crook doesn't have to look hard to see that the trailer is secure. They are heavy duty Construction with Thicker and Larger Steel , complete welded Frames, stable, reliable and a real cost saver.
Detachable and Extendable 12V illumination carrier with multi-function lamps, robust rubber pads and a detailed instruction manual, of course. For boat transport and car transport we drive by modern boat trailers and cars, ambulances, excellent tensile material and appropriate transport insurance, up to a weight of 3500 kg and maximum dimensions of three meters wide and four meters high. Extensive development work, advanced manufacturing technology, high-quality materials and constant quality control make Pongratz Trailer to the best-selling boat trailers in Austria. Choose from Marko Pfaff & Co standard range of powerboart and sailboat-trailers or benefit from their experience in manufacturing and custom made trailers. They offers a huge range f products and custom made trailers for boat owners many unique functional and technical advantages. Besides securing the coupler latch with a padlock or special latching device, such as SeaSense's "Trailer Hitch Lock", special coupler locks fit up into the ball socket and then clamp in place. If we didn’t have fenders on the trailer, water, mud, gravel and other road debris would get thrown by the spinning tires and strike the boat, making a horrible mess, and possibly even causing damage. Depending on what I’m up to at the moment, mine serve as a workbench for a wide range of items, including tools, boat wax, rags and my glass of lemonade.

Shop owner Lee Forderer told me the tailgate took a nasty hit from the inside when a fifth-wheel trailer came unhitched.
Once you have the bracket positioned, tighten the lug nut, per the trailer manufacturer's specs.
Knowing that with a little effort we can help protect our rigs, one of the best things we can do is take steps to keep our boats and trailers from becoming theft statistics. Trailer Valet 5X can Flips up or down in seconds and package include Automatic safety brake and drive system with high and low drive gears. Benefit from the ECHTERMANN-all-round service for all makes: repairs, alterations, accessories, spare parts and shipping. They have a large selection of trailers, include boat trailers in stock and provide you with an individual offer. A dense dealer network and service guarantees rapid supply of accessories and spare parts.
The fenders capture all that yuck and debris, and deflect it down toward the highway where it belongs.
You can also use the fenders as a step when you need to reach higher on the boat or clamber over the side. When the tailgate snagged the trailer kingpin box and buckled under the impact, it held, but suffered mightily.
I think he wound up calling a lawyer and they backed off and paid up, some insurance companies apparently try to run over you rough shod if you try to take them".
To ensures your safety and of those around you all Xpress Trailers comes equiped with indicator brake and lights.
In addition, the market has more than one product that goes under the name of Universal Coupler Lock. If you ever take a peek at the underside of your trailer fenders, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation of their functionality. Selling for a street price of about $80, the Trailer Keeper is like a junior version of the famous boot that is used by metropolitan police to disable vehicles until fines are paid.

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