D-L roller bunks provide a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to upgrade bunk-style trailers to rollers. Thank God I had sharp drill bits (3 different size bits for each hole) Just as I was finishing the last hole, again I hear HOW much longer!!!!!
Just wanted to brag on Papa's amazing boat ramp, built by his own bare hands, all in the name of fun. The rollers work very well and all I lack in finishing the job is some stain to make it look professional.
I have been looking for a method of easily storing a light fishing boat (Coleman Crawdaddy) on a floating dock.
I received the roller bunkers but had to wait a few weeks to install them and try them out. Replace the worn-out roller on your boat trailer with this large-diameter, heavy-duty rubber one. Having only installed these today, I can't attest to their longevity, but they installed with ease, they perform great, and they look good doing it!
Current rollers have been in service on drive on trailer for ten years and starting to show a little wear.
I shopped around and these were not made the cheapest, but were about $5.00 less than what stores sold them for in my city. I have only just installed these rollers but, can tell already they are a much more heavy duty than the ones I replaced .
High quality, just clean and rinse with a little oil after each boat dock, they will last forever, just corn or vegetable oil. With a little trailer modification that only took about an hour, so far they look and work great. I did not use the product for converting a bunk trailer, although it would be an easy conversion. If you wish to remove the bunks you currently have you could use a bracket like part # DL21762 to attach the roller bunks directly to the trailer frame. You can see current pricing information by using the provided link that will take you to the product description page. D-L roller bunks provide a quick, easy and inexpensive way to upgrade bunk style trailers to rollers. Now if your boat trailer does not have wooden bunks or you want to remove the wooden bunks, you can still use these. We considered several alternatives for a way to easily move our 15' sailboat out of the water, over our bulkhead and across our dock.
The rollers are great, BUT it's possible they won't fit over existing wood bunks & brackets. Also, the lakes I fish sometimes have low water levels with unpaved ramps and again roller bunks makes loading and unloading easier.
This roller assembly supports your boat's keel for easy loading and safe transport on your trailer. The galvanized bracket will let you bolt your roller assembly onto the tongue or frame of your boat trailer.

The thick all-around coating allows the galvanized steel pieces to provide years of use without rusting or corroding.
53877CommentsCan you give me the measurement height of the assembly on this roller assembly?
We make sure that the products we sell are what we say they are, and that they work the way they are supposed to work. Because we take providing accurate product information seriously, we take our own detailed product photos, demo videos and installation videos, as well as verify measurements, instructions, and vehicle fit information. We love helping people.We have the most highly trained customer service, hands-on experience, step by step videos and installation instructions. Your order is automatically routed to get out of our warehouse and to your door as quickly as possible.
We provide one-on-one, personalized service from the ordering process through the life of your product. We've been serving customers since our parts store first opened in 1946 and continue to be recognized by our customers, our vendors and third parties for exceptional service. I needed to replace the rollers on my jet ski trailer, but I had to replace them with rubber ones as the ones on my trailer were hard plastic and were rubbing away the finish on my ski. Much easier to launch, and when trailering I don't need to back into the water as far and, they center the boat better when putting the boat on the trailer. The 3 on my trailer were broke apart, I bought all three here, and shipping was combined, very fair. I was at least half of what everyone else was listing for and the product arrived within 4 days with the lowest shipping charge. Now also, if you wanted to remove the wooden bunks on your trailer, you can use the optional roller bunk bracket which is part number DL21762 and thats what installs if you remove your wooden roller bunks. The combined weight capacity of these two bunk rollers is 2500 pound boat capacity, weight capacity. With the Dutton-Lainson roller bunks we offer, you can also get Boat Trailer Roller Bunk Bracket for Dutton-Lainson Roller Bunks, # DL21762, for the pivoting black steel roller bunks, or # DL21742, for the galvanized.
If your bunks are turned so that the side of the bunk is in contact with the boat's hull, use the # DL21741 rollers, which would bolt directly to the long side of a 2 x 4 trailer bunk. Each five foot section will have six sets of two rollers so 12 rollers on five foot section and 12 on another one. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to call etrailer on a SUNDAY and find a knowledgeable LIVE body to talk to. It features a 4-inch, black rubber spool roller and a galvanized steel bracket that attaches to your trailer's tongue.
Our modern installation facilities allow our expert installers and customer service representatives to actually install and use the items we sell, so you can get real advice, from a real person who has the knowledge and expertise needed to solve your problem. We are prepared to answer any question, give advice, or troubleshoot any problem you come across.
We take the quality of our information seriously so that you can get the right part the first time.
We use these in a manufacturing process to move 80 lb arbors from one production machine to another and they are ideal for the task.

These Dutton-Lainson Roller Bunks will provide a quick, easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your bunk-style trailers to rollers. These brackets allow the roller bunks to be adjusted vertically from the trailer and angled to cradle the boat hull. My contact at Dutton-Lainson advised that the choice of nuts and bolts versus screws is not critical so long as the rollers are firmly secured. Granted, a PWC isn't likely to weigh more than 1000 lbs, probably less but because the rollers weren't tested without bunk boards it would be impossible to say how much their capacity would be reduced. Typically, if you are loading a boat the boat is not loading squarely it is because the trailer is too deep in the water. The diameter is also 3 inches and this roller is designed to fit on a 3 inch wide bracket that will use a half inch diameter shaft. They feature a special non-marking roller with a durable wear-resistant inner surface and a soft boat cushioning outer surfaced. Comes with two rollers and theres five sets for each four foot length so thatd be 10 rollers on each one. At 4 foot long, they'd probably offer plenty of support, but I'd recommend getting a set that's close in length to your existing bunk boards. So for example if you needed a 9 foot section you could get 2 of the 5 foot models and cut off 12 inches of one to get 9 feet. They feature a non-marking two-compound roller which has a durable wear-resistant inner surface and a soft boat cushioning outer surface. And what these would do is where the bolts would normally go through the wooden bunk, you would just put the section that has the hook part on it right in the hole and then the bolt would gone through here and then with this bracket having the slotted holes, you can adjust it and bolt it to your boat trailer and get the correct height you need. This keel roller will ease the loading and unloading of the boat and it does support the bottom of the boat as it sits on the trailer and the V shape on the roller does offer extra support for the deep hull boats.
If you are needing U-Bolts to mount the Panel Bracket to your trailer, measure the width and height of your frame material. These roller bunks are designed to attach directly to your wooden bunks that are two inches wide on your boat trailer. This part is constructed of a 14-gauge steel, has a black powdered-coat finish, has a total weight capacity for both of these roller bunks is 3000 pounds maximum and again they are five feet long and they are two inches wide. A keel roller, typically mounted at the rear of the trailer, will help guide the boat toward the center of the trailer and help it line up square between the bunks.
This roller will replace the worn out bow roller on your boat trailer it does help in loading and unloading of the boat and it does support the front of the boat as it sits on the trailer. The rollers would simply mount right over the edge of your existing bunk boards, but you'll probably need to remove the carpet from them first. Basically, you would set this on to your wooden bunk and there are holes right here, pre-drilled that you would just mark and then drill a hole through and then use a bolt to attach it to the wooden bunk. If you wanted a set of roller bunks for this bracket I would recommend the Boat Trailer Standard Roller Bunk # DL21754.

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