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Unauthorized reproduction of any portion of any content within this domain is against Federal law and subject to criminal prosecution. If you want to be sure of the deal, you need a boat bill of sale that will clearly state the details of the vessel that you are buying or selling.
Call the RMV first to be sure what you need for your state as the rules change from state to state.
A good boat bill of sale should mention year, make, model number body style, VIN or the HIN (Hull Identification Number), and engine numbers. Homemade boats or boats before 1972 without a hull number (Mass and other states law) often must be inspected by the Environmental Police.
If the law applies in your state then they will inspect the boat and apply a state assigned HIN tag on the boat and give the owner of the boat an inspection certificate for registration use later. You have to show the Department of Revenue that you paid sales tax on the materials to build the boat.

Massachusetts tells us that "Any boat powered by an electric or gas motor must be state registered. In some states such as Massachusetts, new boats getting reistered require an original manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO) and it is used and provided as proof of ownership.
You can use an MSO, title, or previous registration as proof of ownership for used boats, as well. Don't forget to apply the registaration numbers at least 3 inches tall and in a contrasting color to each side of the front of the hull of the boat. In addition, if you sell a trailer only, we also have the trailer bill of sale form for your sales transaction.What is a boat bill of sale formBoat bill of sale form is a legal document that transfers the title of ownership of a boat with all rights and interests from one individual to another, that is, from the seller to the buyer. Any MLS Co-Brokerage vessels within this website have granted GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES written permission for placement by the authorized listing broker.
Bill of sale form for boat has the essential information to show that the transaction of selling or buying a boat took place.The importance of using the boat bill of sale form is that it legally binds the buyer and the seller to the transaction. The data within is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed by owner(s) of the vessel, Jerry Chiappetta, Jr., the central listing agent, or any of the GOLDEN GATE BOAT SALES brokers representing any of the vessels shown within this website.

Using a bill of sale is also a way of minimizing fraud as well as limiting the potential of illegally seizing your boat.The boat bill of sale is also referred to as a watercraft bill of sale or vessel bill of saleInformation on boat bill of saleCentral to the structure of bill of sale form is the name and the identifying data of the seller and the buyer. Buyer assumes responsibility to verify mechanical condition, all speeds, capacities, consumptions, and other measurements contained herein and otherwise provided. The vessels within this website are subject to prior sale, price and inventory changes and withdraw from the market without notice. Boat bill of sale form shows that the business was conducted in manner that is agreeable to both parties.
We provide you with many kinds of bill of sale that help you process private sales of used car, motorcycle, boat, firearm, etc.

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