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Since the axle, wheels and tires are basically "Floating" via the boat trailer spring suspension system - jacking up your trailer to work on requires extra thought. Stengel Brothers website is excellent and will walk you through all you need to repair or replace your boat trailer springs. The Axle U-Bolts, lock nuts and plates secure the axle to the middle of each trailer leaf spring.

The Trailex Ultra Light Duty Boat Trailer with Leaf Springs is designed to carry small boats, kayaks or canoes. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The Trailex Ultra Light Duty Boat Trailer with Leaf Springs is light enough that it can also be used as a boat launching dolly too. The other ends of the front and rear spring are connected to the stabilizer bar by the shackles (sidebars) mentioned above.

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