There are hundreds of brands of boat trailers for sale to make it easier to use your inflatable boat for fishing, family outings, SCUBA diving, water skiing and tubing.There are a number of things to consider before you purchase a boat trailer.
The term “powerboats” encompasses an array of engine types and hull designs, which is why so many different boat trailer designs are necessary.
We are dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality boat trailers and parts available at a competitive price. Since 1981, Great Lakes Aluminum Marine trailers have carried a long standing reputation of outstanding quality and craftsmanship in the Northeast Ohio area as well as in other countries. Is the boat trailer designed for salt water or fresh water?Boat trailers for sale which are design to be used in salt water must be either galvanized metal or aluminum.Boat Trailer ManufacturersTrailer manufacturing varies a lot. Just be sure you are buying from a certified builder!Some of the North American Brands are listed here.

Powerboat trailers can come with a variety of different options with each option specifically tailored to meet the needs of your particular boat. Located in Mentor, Ohio, we take pride in providing our dealers and the end user with a trailer that enhances the boat investment in quality and performance.
Great Lakes Aluminum Powerboat Trailers offers a cut above the rest in Aluminum and Stainless Marine Trailers utilizing high quality parts and components. The strongest trailers are welded of heavy gauge material and have no bolts to loosen up over time. Some light duty trailers have pretty thin metal for the structure.Many boat trailers for sale are made with bolted together U shaped channels. FeaturesOther features you want to look for are adjustable bunks and rollers.If you are a rib owner, you can choose between bunks, rollers or a combination.

Some manufacturers are putting bunks at the rear of the trailer where the motor weight is concentrated, and rollers at the front to make loading and unloading easier.
Sounds like a great idea!For us collapsible inflatable owners there are a number of designs of boat trailers for sale that fit inflatable boats.
With a collapsible inflatable, as long as the bunks are wide enough to support the edge of the floor, and long enough to support the transom and motor you will have the start of a good setup.If you have some good custom trailer ideas, let me know and I will share them with other boat owners.

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