Just recently I read an article in the Anna Maria Islander newspaper of a local fisherman who is now facing 20 years in Federal prison for two charges against him in connection with grouper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.
These government agencys don’t fool around…Did you know that you must have a fishing license to fish in Florida? Fishing without a license, whether salt or fresh water, is considered a violation to the Florida Statues governing fish and wildlife conservation.
You can obtain a license and all the facts at the Fish and Wildlife website the list goes on and is very detailed for every situation. A person who has resided in Florida for 6 continuous months PRIOR to the issuance of a license and who claims Florida as their primary residence OR any member of the United States Armed Forces who is stationed in Florida which includes spouse and dependant chidlren residing in the household. Another exemption is if you are fishing on your homestead or on the homestead of your spouse or child and residents who are permanently disabled do not need a license.
You don’t need a license if you are fishing from a for-hire vessel ( party boat, guide, charter) if that boat has a valid vessel license or on a pier with a valid pier saltwater fishing license. You can fish from the Rod and Reel Pier on Anna Maria for a nominal fee of $2 per day and at the Anna Maria Island City Pier there is no fee to fish because they have a blanket license, however they do ask that you patronize the restaurant by purchasing food or drinks.
I would definately check with the Fish and Wildlife website before dropping a line because you may also be dropping some cash!
My good friend Ali and I decided on a whim to wander over to Little Gasparilla Island  for a day to see what it was like. Little Gasparilla is a 7 mile barrier island just 40 miles south of Sarasota and 40 miles north of Ft.
There are also no crowds and nightlife on Little Gasparilla Island is limited to ghost crabs scurrying around and sea turtles nesting on the beach! The best tarpon fishing in Florida is found in the Boca Grande Pass, just south of Little Gasparilla. All that wander are not lost… we enjoyed our day trip at Little Gasparilla Island… truly a place to go to get away from it all and relax if that is what you desire!

Please call Cindy Quinn~Anna Maria Island Realtor~ when you are ready to start looking for Anna Maria Island real estate whether it be a Beach Home, Anna Maria Island Waterfront home or an Anna Maria Island vacation home! In February 1990, The Artists’ Guild Gallery was opened in Holmes Beach to display the work of member artists. The Artists’ Guild of Anna Maria Island, as part of its non-profit organization mission, continues to educate, promote and encourage artistic endeavors. Rain or shine there is ALWAYS something to do on Anna Maria Island and its surrounding areas. From agriculture and astronomy to zebras and zoos, listed are just some of the things you can find to keep you busy. Conveniently located on the corner of Gulf Drive and Magnolia Street in Anna Maria just steps to the beach and the Coastal Cottages AMI office, the Coastal Island Store and exceptional food attracts locals and tourists alike!
Florida has great weather, diversity of sport fishes, excellent tourism, habitats and year round fishing. They are here to protect the environment and the natural resources of our area and will dish out penalties and fines for those who do not obey their rules of the sea. I never was interested into holding a stick with bait on the end trying to catch my dinner! There used to be a bridge but it was destroyed in a hurricane and residents decided that they liked it better that way. I would basically say that if you wanted your spouse or significant other to lay low on the shopping and partying.. We remembered to bring our pink cooler loaded with ice cold beverages and snacks because there are no stores on the island so we were prepared!
Whether you are castnetting for mullet, flats fishing or bay fishing for mangrove snapper, or deep sea fishing for grouper or tarpon, avid fishermen always find a thrill. After 5 hours of nothing to do but relax and walk the beaches I was ready to leave and visit one of my favorite places called the Pink Elephant, an eating and drinking establishment on Boca Grande!

From any vantage point, you get a sweeping view of Tampa Bay and the iconic Sunshine Skyway Bridge, but the best lookout is arguably from the end of the century-old Anna Maria City Pier. Petersburg and Tampa or to the south to Bradenton and Sarasota, there are activities for every age and interest.
Lowrance electronics, Power Pole hydraulic anchor, trim tabs, huge live wells,fighting chairs, bobs jack plate, large coolers for your catch and daily provisions. We offer light tackle inshore fishing, offshore fishing, bass fishing, gator hunting and gigging trips after dark, all with a family friendly environment, and top of the line equipment. There are more thann 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline. Here’s a guy trying to make a living, support his family and he is going to jail for 20 years for miscalculating the size.
Little Gasparilla is like Old Florida… before seawalls, high rise condos, chain restaurants and traffic. During the winter season, demonstrations are presented and member artists are featured monthly in an art opening reception. These boats are always ready to fish so come on out and enjoy one of your best days on the water with Capt. Yes I know there are rules and regulations in life however I can think of drug dealers and child murderers getting a better chance of a less severe sentence! Brady is a Florida native, holds three consecutive state champion titles in the IFA Redfish Tour and has been fishing these waters for 42 years now.

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