Maria La Gorda International Diving Center, Guanahacabibes Peninsula, Pinar del Rio.The Diving Center is located in Cuba’s westernmost region, the Guanacahabibes Peninsula, in the Cabo Corrientes Natural Reserve. 35 rooms at the beach with bath, satellite TV, mini-bar, air-conditioning and telephone, most of which have a view to the ocean; and 20 cabins located a little bit further away from the beach with bath, satellite TV, air-conditioning and ceiling fan, hot water, mini-bar and telephone. Full Description: Admire the true beauty of this vacation villa the second you step onto this rental property. This vacation house on the water of Soliman Bay has been decorated with traditional artwork and furnishings to create a harmonious holiday home. This private 2-level villa sits along the beach and the fresh breezes of the Caribbean flow throughout the house. The outdoor entertaining area of this private villa is the perfect place to relax and spend time with family and friends. Its origin can be traced back to the times when a series of coastal knots emerged, formed by the waves and debris carried by the Gulf current and its countercurrent.

Being in a beachfront villa, you will have access to the ocean just steps from your rental.
The private villa combines elegant and contemporary styles and brings it all together in a nicely blended mix. A large poolside BBQ grill sits beside the pool and there are plenty of places to sit, relax and enjoy fine food, company and a refreshing drink. There are many activities to enjoy in Soliman Bay, which is just a short distance from Akumal.
Restaurant specializing in shellfish, bar, sale of options, car rental, mail service and international telephone, health care 24 hours a day, shop, 2 boats designed for diving with a capacity for 28 people and 12 divers and experienced instructors who speak English, French, Russian and Italian. Variedad a escoger, APROVECHA ESTA OFERTE trabajamos todo tipo de crédito, con o sin pronto, aceptamos trade-in y si tiene deuda la saldamos para que salgas MONTAO'. Spanning across 5,600 square feet of living space, this private rental includes 6 master bedroom suites.

There are two beachfront palapas that come with hammocks and chaise lounges where you can relax on the beach.
Modern equipment are available for visitors to take diving courses certified by SSI and CMAS.
For water sports, there are two sea kayaks and paddle boats that you can take out whenever you please. The beach in front of this private rental villa is perfect for snorkeling or just taking a dip in the ocean.

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