With four equally sized guest rooms and a master suite, it has room for you and all your friends, but the asking price is a cool $49.8 million. With: 60hp ETEC, rear deck with live well, 27 gal fuel, trolling motor plug, front hatch covers, bimini top & Removable Tongue Galvanized Trailer! With: 90hp ETEC, hatch covers, trolling motor plug, rear deck live well, bimini top & Removable Tongue Galvanized Trailer!
With: 115 HP ETEC, deluxe console, swim platform, max flow re circulation, high speed pick up, & Galvanized Trailer with Brakes! With: 115 HP e-TEC, XL console, 42 gal fuel, high speed pick up, swim platform, 3 pole rod rack mounted to console, Galvanized Tandem Trailer with Brakes! Mercury 7.5 hp outboard motor (year 1970), short shaft, ran excellent however needs a magneto.

The 150 HPDI is right at the top of the suitable range for that boat, meaning that it'll go like stink in calm water (I wouldn't be surprised to see 40+ knots on the speedo) but will be a real handful to drive when things get rough or windy. Hydraulic steering will make the driving a fair bit less tiring than muscling that beefy motor around on long trips.
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Partly designed by former owners Linda and Doug Von Allmen, it's made for luxury cruising in shallow waters. I order a yamaha 150 HPDI motor I want to add the following upgrades to it 1 hot foot pro,Hyd.

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