Your ad will also be active on our Facebook applicaton and submitted to many other classified web sites with millions of visitors! Remarks: This very lightly use sailboat very equipped for an adventure and ready to go for Day Sail, and or Long Cruse. Remarks: This fresh water boat just arrived and has been outfitted to cruise the Pacific Northwest. Remarks: She is a French boat that we had never heard of, and we are still the only one I have ever seen in the US.

Remarks: This fully enclosed center cockpit Gulfstar is in great condition and is an exceptionally seaworthy vessel. Remarks: This is a, well built, well maintained modern sailing vessel, with excellent size and features for coastal and off-shore cruising or weekend live-aboard fun. Remarks: Tranquilo has done one crossing and so is extremely well equipped and has all the bells and whistles.
She combines exceptional cruising and sailing performance with stylish, comfortable living areas.

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