Over the years, listening intently to our customers' needs and our own design instincts has resulted in advancements that leave others drooling at the dock. Located in Abilene, Texas, this 130,000 square--foot, three--building complex was designed and built specifically for state--of--the--art, high--quality inboard boat production.
The complex includes a product development and engineering facility dedicated to the creation of new Tige boat designs and innovative technology. For the fastest growing sport on the water, Tige is the best choice on the market -- hands down.
The combination of our Convex V hull and TAPS2 allows you to create a huge, long, deep-pocket surf wave on both sides of the boat.

Plus, Tige's flexible ballast packages mean you can please beginner and advanced athletes alike, all with a few adjustments via TigeTouch. Our Convex V hull is shaped like the bottom of a wakeboard and curves up at the transom, which provides a full range of wake shaping capability.
Instead of a permanent hook, TAPS2 gives you precise control over the running attitude and wake shape.
Adjust on the fly with the throttle control, or dial in pre-configured settings with TigeTouch. Whether you wakesurf, wakeboard or water ski, Tige makes it easy to get the wake you want with a single touch.

TigeTouch is designed so that a novice driver can pull up an advanced surfer's last ride and tow them confidently. If you're just piling in a few friends for a Sunday drive, Tige still delivers plenty of excitement.
Your Tige handles and performs like a high-end sportscar, but is so intuitively designed that anyone can drive it with ease.

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