There is a racing shop in Senoia, GA called Trickfab that custom makes roof decks check out their web site.
This is also a concern of mine, thats why I am looking for input or someone else who may have had some first hand experience. Plus you know the next thread on the forum will be if you need to wear seatbelts while riding up there. When I bought our 84 Bluebird in Nashville and was driving back to Seattle, I pulled into a truckstop that had 3 of them sitting there.

I'd like to duplicate that idea around the top but only about 8"-12", starting from just above the awning strip and going up.
There are always unclear things i haven't figure out quite yet, like making sure the water got off the roof if you creat a bowl, with the stainless. I spoke with someone at Trickfab and they told me that the deck is attached to areas that have support. The question before installing "is all the support on the wall and or how much is on the roof"?

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