Our 2003 Doral 245 Br Power Boats For Sale - Cape Cod, Massachusetts 02536 page is focused on 2003 Bowrider For Sale - POP Yachts, with references to Cape Cod, Massachusetts 02536 and mentions of Mid cabin down below with 2 additional seats or get kids out of the sun! The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. 20 ft.custom one off lapstrake fiberglass cape cod cat boat, smooth bottom, built by a shipwright in Port Townsend, Wa.
Transom and deck view of a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Transom view of a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod.
Port side view of a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod.
Starboard side view of a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Cockpit seating and captains chair on a 28' Cape Dory Powerboat for sale on Cape Cod Massachusetts. Cockpit Seating view of a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Westerbeke 100 diesel inboard motor in a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Powerboat for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod.
Galley view of a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod.
Head, vanity, and sink on a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Forward v-berth view of a 1986 28' Cape Dory Hardtop Cruiser for sale in Bourne Massachusetts on Cape Cod.
One of the best things about our Cape vacations was taking ourselves out to Cape Cod League ball games and root root rooting for the home team, the Chatham Anglers. This story, for instance, might be better if I could tell you for sure the prince was Matt Harvey---it could have been---but it doesn’t matter because it’s really the beggar maid’s tale. And this story might be funnier if the first baseman was now playing professionally and you’d just seen him on TV last night pulling the same trick, but it’s funny enough as it is, even though he doesn’t appear to have made it to the Show or even to the minor leagues. We’re up visiting Mom and Pop Mannion at the old homestead and this afternoon, on our way out of the restaurant where Pop took us out for lunch, I spotted one of those little cardboard trays you often find on the counters of small stores and diners full of paper schedules for local sports teams.
While I wasn’t looking---that is back in 2011---a league of eight teams made up of college players maintaining their amateur statuses while playing a summer of minor-league level ball was formed in upstate New York, the teams mostly clustered along the northern reaches of the Hudson River and the eastern stretches of the Mohawk. If Pop, baseball fan that he is, devoted reader to the two local papers that he is, hadn’t heard of the PGCBL, how good could the play in it be? There’s a PGCBL team not too far from here, about forty minutes north up the Thruway, the Saugerties Stallions, and I’m sure I’ll make it to several of their games over the course of the summer.

It was dark, pitch dark to my eye, yet complete darkness, I imagine, is exceedingly rare, perhaps unknown in outer nature. Reading her post made me wish I was down at the Cape, but not out walking the beach at night.
Read Popova’s whole post, In Praise of Darkness: Henry Beston on How the Beauty of Night Nourishes the Human Spirit, then meet me on the porch. Designed by Charles Witholz, the model was successfully built for over two decades.• Solid fiberglass construction• Centreboard model• Long deep cockpit, cuddy cabin sleep two• Plumbed-in head and cabin stoveFun and easy to sail, take a look at the Full Specs for more detail. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated.
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. The nearest natural approximation to it is probably the gloom of forest country buried in the night and cloud. In fact, our relationship with darkness and the poetry of night has always been complicated, shrouded in various superstitions and cultural taboos. On Uncle Merlin’s front porch, day or night, it doesn’t matter, with my copy of The Outermost House. Haven’t been to a game in four years and it’ll probably be some years before we get back to the Cape during the season. So absurd were some of them that when trailblazing astronomer Maria Mitchell began teaching the first university class of women astronomers, female students were not allowed to go outside after dark. At night if I was in Chatham and in the mood to take a walk, I probably wouldn’t head for the beach. One of a series of displays on Cape Cod nature writers: Robert Finch, John Hay, and Henry Beston. Standing on the shelving beach, with the surf breaking at my feet, I could see the endless wild uprush, slide, and withdrawal of the sea’s white rim of foam.
And yet here we are a century and a half later, having replaced the sociocultural obstructions with technological ones — light pollution is blocking our view of the night, cutting off our eternal supply of Ptolemy’s cosmic ambrosia. Above deck seating and dining in the pilothouse allows you to relax and dine inside while continuing to enjoy your outdoor surroundings!
I do remember Longoria, partly because of his name, mainly because he had a great game in the middle of a season when he was tearing up the league. They’re one of Tampa Bay’s farm clubs and, as it happened, Evan Longoria put in part of a summer summer with them, a very small part. It’s affiliated with Perfect Game USA, “Perfect Game USA, the largest independent scouting service in the country”.
11 swivel based rod holders (four long tube 130 LD Marine, seven Lee short tube) 4 Rod holders off aft of hard top.

Posey had two championship summers on the Cape, one as a shortstop, the next as a catcher, to drive his name into my head, as if it wouldn’t have stuck otherwise.
One of the major leaguers is Hunter Pence, although to claim him the League relies on the Amsterdam Mohawks holding onto their records from when they were the Schenectady Mohawks and belonged to the New York Collegiate Baseball League.
It’s Beston’s chronicle of a year he spent living rough in a cabin in a hollow just off what is now called Coast Guard Beach. One of the best baseball names of all time.---but mostly the fun was in watching very good baseball being played in the most old-fashioned of small-town settings in crowds full of families on vacation and locals for whom the games, the league, and the players were part of the rhythms and texture of their daily lives. The players lived with local families and worked jobs at local businesses to put money in their pockets, so for the summer they were members of the community. The games were fun as much for what was going on around them in the stands as for what was happening on the field, and because you could sit so close to the field, you could see what was happening from a player’s or coach’s eye view and little scenes like this were as much a part of the stories of the games as who hit what or made what play or struck out so many batters, and it didn’t matter what the players might go on to be. At the moment, they were just characters in the ongoing dramas and comedies of life on the Cape.
There is a large integrated swim platform with a telescoping ladder transom shower and stereo control. This not even a comprehensive count of the number of great whites that movie into and out of False Bay, since scientists have detected many more movements through both aerial spotting and acoustic tagging of individual sharks.
Peter Chadwick, who directs the World Wildlife Fund’s Honda Marine Parks Program in South Africa, has seen the animals during his scientific missions: “The great whites are swimming amongst the bathers and the surfers. We see it from the air and everyone’s blissfully unaware, and quite happy.” In 2005, [Allison Kock, a shark biologist and currently Head Scientist at the Save Our Seas Foundation] placed acoustic tags on seventy-eight great whites circling Seal Island near the city’s shore.
Monitors registered a hit every time a tagged shark swam by them, making it easy to determine where the sharks spent their time during different parts of the year.
Yet when Kock started downloading the data from the monitors, she couldn’t quite believe it when they revealed they had registered such an immense number of hits. At the very time that people are going to the beaches off Cape Town, the great whites are headed there as well. It’s the unintended consequence of the conservation measures South Africa has adopted over the past couple of decades.
South Africa was the first nation in the world to protect great whites, in 1991, and its protection of Cape fur seals has helped the sharks as well, by providing the animals with additional prey.

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