This express cruiser is a boat that combines a multitude of features with clean lines and comfort. The 1993 Gibson 37 Sport Series features a single-level floor plan with all of the comforts of home. Compare the standard features of the Fiesta Vee 270 with others on the market you may be surprised by the luxury and room the Rinker has to offer. The full-service galley has a two-burner electric stove, refrigerator with separate freezer and plenty of counter space.

Easily submit your boat for sale or search for hundreds of available boats for sale by others. The boat does not stop there, however, it also has an extended swim platform to easily get onto the boat when anchored. Around the boat there is plenty of seating including a companion seat at the helm and rear facing seats. The master stateroom aft has a double bed with large closet and access to the head compartment with separate shower stall.

The forward stateroom is easily accessible and features another double berth with plenty of storage.

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