This boat is in very good condition for her age and has really low hours engines and trailer recently serviced and ready to go. This is a great boat for cruising around and having fun the boat is ready to sail and also comes with a trailer. Our 1975 Clipper Marine Cm-30 Sailboats For Sale - New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169 page is focused on 1975 Cruiser (Sail) For Sale - POP Yachts, with references to New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32169 and mentions of Restored inside and out! The boat has not been surveyed recently or any time that the current owner knows of but the boat looks to be in very good shape for her age. Our 1976 Columbia 32 Sailboats For Sale - New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168 page is focused on 1976 Cruiser (Sail) For Sale - POP Yachts, with references to New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168 and mentions of Great classic Columbia. Rothrock Marine is a proud dealer of new and used Yamaha boats, outboards and marine products, and we offer only the finest quality Yamaha models for your aquatic pleasure. At Rothrock Marine we pride our business practices on the concept of fair, open and honest treatment of all of our potential customers. One of the numerous benefits of buying a Yamaha boat from Rothrock Marine has to do with the fact that we offer our customers reliable finance programs: including special manufacturer and dealer finance options to help buyers take on the purchase of a Yamaha boat in order to enjoy Floridaa€™s gorgeous waterways. In addition to financing, Rothrock offers clients a free orientation session after their new or used Yamaha boat purchase.

Feel free to take all the time you need to get used to your new toy, we'll be right there to answer all of the questions or concerns that might arise as you practice operating your new or used Yamaha model. After the purchase of a Yamaha boat through Rothrock, you'll automatically get year-round assistance with your new or used boat.
Extended warranty programs are offered by Rothrock Marine for models from major manufacturers, like Yamaha, adding a sense of peace-of-mind along with your Yamaha boat sale.
The boat has lots of options and can easily be single handed and is great for weekends or extended stays with the well-appointed galley. Yamaha boats are consistently number one sellers on the new and used boat market, and they all start out on an assembly line right here in the USA.
Yamaha boats offer the utmost in in efficiency, beauty and dependability, and Rothrock Marine is a premier Sanford Yamaha boat dealer that offers exceptional new and used Yamaha models to residents of New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Sanford, and beyond. We also strive to provide respectful, professional and accurate responses to all of the questions or requests our customers havea€”whether they are inquiring about a new or used boat or one of our marine products.
We'll help you get acquainted with your new vessel, so that youa€™re not left wondering how it might perform or what to do in certain situations out on the water.
Our free boat orientation session is just one more reason Rothrock is one of the best and most reliable Yamaha boat dealers in the state of Florida.

We provide advice, parts, services, and support whenever our clients happen to need our assistance. Friendly and respectful assistance is guaranteed at Rothrock; however, there are many more reasons to consider the purchase of a Yamaha boat through our company.
Several packages are available for rigging as a Technical Poling Skiff with platforms, or as a shallow water Casting Skiff without platforms. There is a fresh water pump system but she also has a manual salt water pump which is nice so you can save your fresh water until you need it.
The owner just sent off the Bimini top and has a new one on the way has sail covers and much more. The curtains and upholstery are in great shape and perfect for weekend camping or getting out of the weather if needed.

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