Yet there are those who wonder what would possess anyone to live on a boat through a Canadian winter. But walking aboard Pax Vera, which is covered in a white tent of material that boaters call “shrink wrap,” the temperature feels like that of a cool house. Bluffers Park’s year-round boaters range in age from their 20s to their 80s, and include lawyers, police officers, retirees and artists with floating studios. A diesel furnace connected to a thermostat heats his home, but other boaters work off electric heaters. Although there are additional challenges that come with winter living, the other boaters are always looking out for one another, says Mr. The desire to travel is a common motivation behind the decision to swap a house for a boat. But for some, like Les Dembski back at Bluffers Park Marina, the reason they plan to stay as live-aboards is simpler. The boat is currently operating for a highly successful dive operation in Khao Lak Thailand, which can be sold with the boat. Manthiri, beautiful 85-foot (25.9-meter) live-aboard is powerfully built of fine tropical timber and custom-designed for dive cruises. OASIS is a Australian run catamaran- comfortable cruising for adults and family groups or a competitive racing catamaran ( winner of a number of regional regattas) - one size fits all! Access to the water is easy with a swim platform, swim ladder plus a deck shower conveniently located at the port transom. OASIS's interior is a blend of light ash timbers with contrasting Western Red Cedar trims complimented by soft grey fabric wall coverings and light white embossed laminated panels. The airy saloon is spacious with a U-shaped couch around a central dining table, seating 10 persons comfortably.In the saloon you also find a flatscreen TV, the DVD sytem.
I am attaching two photos, one was taken in 1978 in Portsmouth across from Norfolk, VA with what seems like another Elco docked at that marina.
The other photo was taken this past summer on the St Clair river and perhaps, if you have the time, you could identify the maker.

Attached are a few shots of our 1929 50' Flattop Zephyr III shortly after relaunch in Toronto at the end of July of 2007. My wife's family here in Norfolk used to own the RoRoLa, it was sold as part of the assets of their family business here in 1998 or so.
I remember her from years ago when she was stored at Atlantic Yacht Basin in Great Bridge, and still in decent condition.
He wears comfortable-looking shoes, two fleece jackets and jeans while sitting on the deck of his home. Dembski is a member of a small Toronto community, sometimes referred to as “live-aboards,” who stay on their powerboats, sailboats or floating homes year-round. Dembski, a former architect who has lived in Poland, Ottawa and Vancouver, the decision to move to Toronto came after his daughter settled in the city and after his marriage fell apart. He prefers the open space of the Bluffers Park Marina, which he shares with 110 other live-aboards in the winter, and the quiet that comes with being close to nature. The cabin of the boat, with better insulation and heating than the shrink-wrapped deck, is warmer still. Mears has noticed is a prior marriage breakdown, but she is quick to say that it’s not only single guys who take up this lifestyle. They love their close-knit winter community at the Port Credit Yacht Club and are veterans at cold-weather boat-living.
Anderson drapes white plastic shrink-wrap over the top of wooden framing on his boat and then shrinks the wrapping with a heat gun.
Anderson describes as a “big underwater fan,” and an ice boom, made out of 4 by 4s that float and surround the bow of the boat, work together to keep ice at bay.
With three cabins, the two girls are each able to have their own room, double bed and locker for their clothes.
The vessel's wide beam of 25 feet (7.6 meters) contributes toward a stable hull, and allows room for spacious cabins. OASIS is fitted with an aluminium fixed awning for protection from the sun and the occasional tropical shower.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. His neighbours have been fellow boaters, coyotes, deer and birds and his backyard has been the Scarborough Bluffs and Lake Ontario.
It is difficult to characterize those who choose this lifestyle, but there are some common traits: They love their boats, they don’t see their lives as being too different from those of house-dwellers and they don’t miss much about living on terra firma. The 60-year-old chose the boat life because a house was too big and a condo would have cramped his style.
The average cost per month at her marina, including docking, live-aboard fees and hydro, is around $550.
He uses special extra-strong tape and clear plastic to manufacture windows and his door is made from wood and shrink wrap. When turned on, the agitator keeps water flowing, preventing it from freezing, while the ice boom keeps the bubbling water within the blocked-off area.
He has lived aboard his 49-foot sailboat with his partner, her two daughters, aged nine and 13, and a poodle since May. Some of the later Trumpy's have a more of a hard chine at the stern and may tend to roll a bit less. But at other Toronto-area marinas and yacht clubs, the price can fluctuate up or down a few hundred dollars, depending on the size of the boat and other fees. When it gets close to being full, he uses a portable pump-out cart on wheels, attaches it to the boat’s pump-out hose and fills away. A flexible, removable bow awning gives you sun protection on the foredeck and in the bow nets.

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