05 08 09 at 02 41 05 The cantilever design makes lifting your watercraft easier than other upright lifts. Dock-Rite vertical lifts are ideal in varying water levels because of their lift height of over 4’.
Convertible – Vertical lifts can be set-up with cradles, full-length bunks or pontoon rack kits.
Chain Drive Winch – These winches are over built to with stand years or reliable service not to mention easy to operate for anyone. Vertical Roller Guides – Made from Perma-Poly they provide a smooth, quiet and stable operation. SEAMARK Covers - SeaMark fabric-style covers offer an elegant alternative to standard vinyl covers.
Double Bunks – Double bunks are ideal for extreme shallow water depths or for use with triple toon pontoons.
Spring Loaded Full Length Guides – Tapered full length carpeted guides are spring loaded and adjustable.
Spring Loaded Guides – Polyethene logs on a spring loaded bracket make landing you boat easier and safer. Battery Tray – Designed to hang from the canopy frame to keep batteries out of the way.
Solar Panel – Solar panels are available in different sizes to meet your 12-volt battery charging needs. Dock Rite agrees to repair or replace only defective parts returned to the factory (prepaid Hutchinson, MN) and deemed defective by Dock Rite Inc.
In Order that we may consistently better our products, specifications and prices are subject to change.
Cantilever Boat LiftsAlso see our photo galleryWe invite you to compare the quality of our cantilever lifts with that of other manufacturers.
Cantilever Boat Lifts - Components are made from simple aluminum tubing and are usually raised by a steel cable via a pully system.

A new product to us in the last few years, the cantilever pontoon lift is a very effective lift that is much lower cost then the larger traditional bunk ones.   Easy to load and unload, all aluminum construction, and the ability to operate in low levels of water make this the perfect choice for your pontoon. Of mind These cantilever lifts are solidly built and heavily reinforced for today’s spear carrier wide spare long They are also an paragon rhytidectomy for larger pontoon boats with Corrosion resistant aluminum.
With features like the perma-poly vertical rollers, full-length bunks and powerful winch systems you will quickly see why Dock-Rite has an unmatched value.
Bolted and welded design, re-enforced pivot points and reliable brake winches make for rock solid security that your boat will still be there in the morning.
Dock-Rite has an aluminum extrusion that is welded in place so that the pivot point is solid. From the inexpensive and reliable Lift-Mate, to the powerful Sidewinder and even the ShoreCommander, which is loaded with features.
Lifts toons from the deck in between the tubes, which allows the rack to act as a guide system. These slide into the lower frame and can be left on when using the screw jack adjusting system. Attach the cable to the lift bed in the lowered position; crank up the lift bed and the wheels cantilever into position for easy install and removal. If you have a 12-volt system a solar panel will save you from charging or hauling batteries. They require few moving parts for superior reliability and place less stress on pulleys and cables. Cantilever Boat Lifts The winch is built for the multipurpose of hauling and lifting operations. With their durable design you tin rest easy knowing that your personal how to build a cantilever boat lift. Our standard covers feature a vinyl-coated nylon fabric, 18oz thickness and superior construction with heat-welded seams.
The top portion is constructed of SeaMark material, which is a Sunbrella fabric with a marine-grade, waterproof, vinyl backing.

These full length raised bunks provide better hull support than the traditional a€?Va€? bunk and are easy to load your boat onto.
The same quality manurfacturing you are used to with an R&J product but lightweight and economically priced.
In the lift’s fully raised position, cables carry no weight, the load is entirely supported by the frame.
Anyone built their own boat lift I’m jolly good with group A MIG thinking about building type A cantilever system. All dock rite canopies use a spring loaded cam buckle for the quickest and easiest way to install and remove. These full length bunks provide better hull support than the traditional a€?Va€? bunk and are easy to load your boat onto. By using grease fittings and bronze bushings in all of our pulleys we help eliminate seized pulleys.
Corrosion resistant aluminum construction also assures low maintenance, no rust and no painting. Each lift has four infinitively adjustable leveler legs which make leg adjustment easier than the traditional bolt adjusters. Each lift has four infinitely adjustable leveler legs which make leg adjustment easier than the traditional bolt adjusters. Our lifts are all equipped with either an automatic brake winch and handwheel or an electric winch that is available in 120 volt or 12 volt.

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