These are extremely powerful and have more than enough power for you to add an amplifier to them. Well now you know why a set of speakers (can, mounts, speakers, terminals) cost at least $600! Oh yea, for the Horn Loaded Compression Driver crowd, I found a 6" round horn that fits these cans nicely.
This set can be used to create RPG, RTS, strategy, tower defense, top-down shooter games, and any other game that uses a top-down or bird view perspective.
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Download Instructions: For paid products, a download link will be emailed to you and added to your account history immediately after completing the purchase. Im sure they will sound great once they are lined with the Dynamatt and stuffed with your speakers Nice!
Careful it may lead to thoughts of unicorns galloping majestically along endless ocean shores. So you can build your own tileset using your preferred tools, ie Shoebox, Texture Packer, etc. Although the original artist is the copyright holder, you are granted a license to use the art in your app or game.

As long as you keep to the terms of the license, the artist will never make a copyright claim against that usage, nor could any other licensee of the same art package (as they are not the copyright holder). I didn't realize it would cost so much to build these, $200 per pair is basically what it cost me to build these.

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