I built my computer a week ago and i was using the switch on the power supply to turn it off and on. You just have to touch (short) the (2) PWR pins on the bottom (for one second) of the motherboard to turn it back on.
If you have the diagram showing what pins do what on the front panel connector on the motherboard (should be in the motherboard's manual), you can CAREFULLY short them together.
We’ve had a lovely juvenile great spotted woodpecker on the peanut feeder in our wildlife garden today which everyone was pleased to see. Down at Pick-up hide there have been sightings of a jay, a grey wagtail, a roe deer and sand martins using the sand martin bank which is great news!
On Main Bay we’ve had a little ringed plover, great crested grebes and oystercatchers, whilst avocets and common terns have been seen on the islands.

Elsewhere on the reserve there are lots of different warblers such as blackcaps, garden warblers and willow warblers. Lots of common blue butterflies are about, along with large skippers, speckled woods, and meadow browns have also emerged now. We also had a brimstone moth, a burnished brass, a cinnabar, a riband wave, lots of heart and darts and many more! Although our reserve is home to lots of wildlife, many native species are in serious trouble. I did not think that i had to hook up the front pannel power button because i would just use the power switch on the psu. Other visitors to the feeders include a nuthatch, goldfinches, greenfinches and loads of young tree sparrows.

At the Kingfisher screen there have not only been kingfisher sightings but also a fox, and a spotted flycatcher was seen nearby. There are lots of damselflies around including the banded demoiselle and one of our volunteers counted 29 four spotted chaser dragonflies last week and 4 black-tailed skimmers!
The RSPB launched its Giving Nature a Home campaign this week, and we need your help to build one million homes for wildlife in the UK.
The elephant hawk moth is bigger and they have different markings as shown in these photos.

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