Wood Boat Dolly If You Want To Know How to Build a DIY Boat Quickly & Easily Please Pay Attention. Here’s an idea for moving small boats around the dooryard using a wheeled dolly—one that I bought at Home Depot for $49, then modified as shown to support a boat.
A short length of 2x4 placed crosswise near the wheels (hard against what’s left of the heel plate) carries most of the weight, and built up from that cross-piece are the cradle arms that hold the boat more or less upright. This entry was posted in Design, Miscellaneous, Projects, Woodworking and tagged custom, design, fabrication, marine, woodworking. Cover the pieces with indoor outdoor carpet, the 1x2 can be screwed on after the carpet is staples or glued on.
The runnning gear is just a set of old wheels off an old lawn mower I've had for years and finally threw away, but I save wheels I can and just about anykind will work for this type of dolly.

After some repeated use I discovered that the bicycle tires I free-cycled were not coping well with the combined weight of the dolly and boat. This entry was posted in Miscellaneous, Projects, Woodworking and tagged boat, cottage life, custom, dolly, fabrication, installation, marine, wood. In Ontario, they charge you a tire recycling tax, …I paid $5 per tire, so that was an extra $15 in expense.
I stained the entire unit with leftover Behr deck stain to protect from water damage – the motor dolly will get wet when you are servicing the motor. I also added a tow mount at the front so it could be moved effortlessly by our lawn tractor.
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