These companies build luxury private yachts and superyachts, rather than commercial ships, as such. Comment by sailho on Von'Widmann Designs… of our latest sea trials on the motor yacht Mystique, this was a total redesign project of the entire system.
Comment by john on Yacht Charter aboard the Luxury BELLE AIMEE in BurmaIts been my all time dream to sail in Burma, whether on a yacht charter or a private boat, but a holiday on this superyacht in this location would be beyond my wildest dreams i think!
Comment by Relevance on Worth Avenue YachtsExcellent yacht brokerage firm by all accounts for both sales and charter. LiveYachting is a wiki type website where superyacht professionals, enthusiasts and businesses share information about luxury yachts. Location: Australia Yeah the overalll shape is, by an inch or two here and there, but you can't see whats inside.
In fact,there is a lot of information for the homebuilder of Brent boats supplementary to Brent's willing help. The boat is not finished either so what happened after?Maybe it all changed before launching. So the first time she washed ashore she was got off quickly with self rescue , and the second time she stayed for ever ?
As an aside,it was the owner's two friends,Norm+Rudy that immediately went down from Canada and with generous help from the Steelworkers Union(for the gear)and the local people too set about the rescue.I can't remember exactly if it took more than a week to haul her but it needed tides and fair weather on the final pull. That is a 36, the first origami 36 I ever built, which pounded in that surf for 16 days and was pulled off thru the same surf , being picked up and dropped 8 to 12 feet off every wave. In a subsequent trip, she hit off Todos Santos, and the owner went to La Paz to party for a few days. You can take a 20 ton hydraulic jack, put it on any point of the tank top hull joint, and lift the entire hull from that point , or tie the hull down and crank the jack till it is rock hard , or put an extension on the handle and crank it until you blow a seal, and you will not make a noticeable deflection on the plate at that point. If, as you suggest, you run the webs right to the centreline , you eliminate the option of building the water tank there, unless you want a tank that has totally inaccessible corners.
Evan had no problem using all his useful storage space for tankage, and raising the centre of gravity on his boat, given that he only left port once , and had huge storage space ashore. I heard on CBC radio today, a psychologist, saying that over reliance on computers to answer all ones questions, leads to a porportionate dumbing down of the user.
Or the guy on this site who tells us that his 38 ft Colvin steel boat will weigh 14,000 lbs, roughly the same weight as the wooden Pipe Dream by Francis Kinney, which has planking about a third the weight of his ten gauge hull plate, or decking which is less than a third of the weight of his ten gauge.
While I find Kinney's manual of calculations useful ( trapezoidal rule is as accurate as Simpson's multipliers according to Herreshoff, just not as exhibitionist) Kinney's obsession with numbers show the lack of common sense often involved.
Bear in mind that one Aussie said on Cruisers forum, he found many crane scales up to 750 kilos out of whack.
Another example of letting the math over rule common sense and do all our thinking for us, is the number of very expensive boats ,which do all the plumbing and electrical work ,then drop a solid hull liner in over the works. Location: British Columbia You said yourself that they were your own design, the design you had before you beefed it up after it became apparent that they were not strong enough. Some designers won't correct a mistake no matter how obvious it becomes , for not having the huevos to ever admit a mistake.napoleon said it sometimes it takes a greater man to admit a mistake than to lead an army into battle. The selling of offsets which are the same as originally drawn, forcing the builder to correct them every time, is one common example. Using statistics of all your 21 to 35.5 foot boats and excluding the failures doesn't prove anything.
Three decades and hundreds of thousands of miles of failure free offshore cruising, proves the sceptics totally full of ****. Your engineering knowledge is abysmal and demonstrably proven so by your own design failures.
In the shop where I built my first origami boat, a 26 footer, a shipwright was building a traditional wooden boat. I pulled together the 26 foot hull , decks, cabin, cockpit , keels, skeg rudder, lifelines chainplates, mooring bitts, handrails, cleats, mast step , hatches, in effect fully detailed in 21 days .
On the other thread where we were trying to get you to discuss structures, it was clearly stated that your 36 design has inherant unecessary weakness, and severe stress raisers which are likely to cause fatigue failure at some stage in the vessels life if it's used at sea. I've covered that many times in this discussion, in practical terms, which thus put them beyond your comprehension. I have said repeatedly that you can add a day or two and a hundred or two dollars worth of material and do the job properly. While you disregard all concern about safety, couldn't give a toss about the people and their safety. Its a lot stronger than the shrouds that determine the loads on it.I also tie it in to the topsides.
As I understand, none of engineers here have demanded heavy scantlings, just good practice in boat engineering and decent documentation for backyard builders.
Several have been sold on the European market, no problem, as with Strongall and Claes Lundstrom's boats, in Sweden. Location: British Columbia The 36 in post 205 and 206 has done the run from BC to Mexico, Hawaii and back to BC, and T boned several BC reefs at hull speed, no damage, despite having the keel supports in the drawing posted. I also don't believe for a second that your 36 design built to your plans could gain CE cert. I use computers all day some days, but it takes a lot of skill and brains and thinking to do it. I think Dudley (who happened to be a good friend of me when he was still living in South Africa, he visited my yard once a month and I commissioned his 38 ft design in 1991 then known as the Force 38) would be interested in your ridiculous claim in the 2nd paragraph quoted.
Dudley did in fact worked in the steel engineering field whilst studying for his boat designer's Diploma at Westlawn before going professional full time after obtaining that Diploma. You are quite right he follows ABS rule as a minimum standard and his designs are well engineered, although you claim he is no engineer.
Since you are no engineer and I wil repeat myself again as I did in the past which brought me a lot of flack from your disciples, you are a hillbilly. About Dudley building and sailing his own boats; you quite right he did but what you fail to mention BS, is that he had built only plywood boats for himself which are well engineered.
As for his steel designs; I can vouch for some of them as I had built a 30ft Houtbay, 38ft, 43ft, 57ft, 65ft to his designs and some of my builds also on his webpage. Not so long ago you actually bad lipped his designs on this very forum if I am not mistaken and the rip off of these building techniques to the owners pocket, so why the change of heart?
Finally, why bring a reputable designer using proper scantling rules into this when you and your designs are questioned. I can show one extremely dangerous structure; the strut (pillar) which should lead the mast compression to the hull structure is in some boats welded direct to bottom shell and not to stiffener or floor! Several have been sold on the European market, no problem, as with Strongall and Claes Lundstrom's boats, in Sweden. Akasia yachting can guide you to build your dream yacht from a reputable naval architect design to final construction either from marine grade high tensile steel, 6000 grade Aluminium, GRP or compozite with your own taste, design and choice of interiors with the best contruction materials and furnitures available in the market in order to deliver a unique yacht with glossy finish.
With many years in yachting industry we build motoryachts, luxury gulets and performance sailing yachts in our own and subcontracted boatyards located in Fethiye, Bozburun, Bodrum and Istanbul. Akasia yacht building contracts are carefully handled with lawyers and the ordered yachts are registered on the name of her owner upon initial payment  and the yacht building process is taken seriously to meet highest international standards with best possible prices.
Turkish yacht building industry has been enjoying megayacht construction orders without compromising from the highest quality craftmanship and our Boatyard meet with deadlines and delivery conditions with satisfied customers .
Luxury Gulet construction , Gulets are mainly classified by their stern parts which can be described in two models, sphere stern gulets and also  straight transom   gulets. The entrance to saloon and the cabins are from the stern deck and sphere stern gulet has a very aestethic silhouette due to their low freeboard and varnished wooden plankings, Transom gulets has higher freeboards and are more spacious, the entrance to aft cabin where the master cabin is located or in some gulets the galley is accessed with 4 stairs from the mid saloon.  The silhouette of a sphere stern Gulet  from a distance is more artistic however Transom stern Gulets are more spacious with a very efficient layout plan and interior designs.
Motor yacht Building has been far more improved than ever with space age materials and unprecedended technological advances, Radical designs and quality craftmanship with modern interiors.  Desicion making process before commencing the project is very important, one has to decide which material is to built the motor yacht hull and certainly the model of the boat,  shipyard and yacht construction engineers in order to contract the project manager. The owner should  choose an experienced supervisor captain to help the yacht building engineer and to monitor  shipyard progress. Sailing yacht Building in Turkey has been improved for the last 20 years to meet the highest world standards for performance sailing.

We can help you build your dream yacht from very early project designing stage to boatyard installations and hull construction of your performance sailing yacht. Our children are far more nature consciense than we were ever, since the global warming is threatening our planet and the polar ice melting, we all have to be energy efficient and consume less fossil fuels in order to save our planet, well since we have nowhere else to go, we better act less selfish and more eco – friendly, right…? A displacement motoryacht needs huge amount of energy to cruise gracefully in blue waters however a sailing yacht , a catamaran or a trimaran which can be as fast as a motoryacht with the right wind and let you enjoy interactive sailing with mother nature.
Either power yacht or a sailing yacht the hull is the most important element of a boat for long term consideration and the new advances in Yacht designing and building has reached unparalelled levels of stamina and competence, the bigger and faster the better is the main motto of many yacht building companies and the worlds leading yacht charter and brokerage houses such as Camper and Nicholsons , Fraser yachts, Akasia , Atolyacht, Barcomar, Marenostra and Stellamaris are leading the way to a more advanced fuel efficiency and lightweight Technologies. The heavy displacement mega yachts so called stable tall ships are built in with complex zero stabilizers which has improved the yachting pleasure even in rough seas and computer controlled Hydraulic powered sailing gears are now a must in sailing together with Highly resistant and Flexible aluminium masts and rods of 316L stainless steel at its best . Akasia quality yacht building in Turkey has undertaken projects and construction management to deliver super yachts since 1993. Using modern plans, profesionally updated yacht building techniques and contsruction materials are being used to offer superior quality yacht hulls and interior furnitures, Marine grade Aluminium on high tensile steel hull materials are being cut with CNC system for utmost presicion to provide superior welding quality thus customer satisfaction with ultimate technological appliances. We offer you highest quality cratfmanship with our long proven know-how and consultancy services as well as the best possible prices for yacht building in Turkey which comes with guaranteed satisfaction. Akasia yachting is dedicated to world class  yacht building in Turkey for genuine customers looking for direct, honest and individual attention, with our worldwide database, virtually we can contact  every mega yacht builders and super yacht owners in the world. The highlights amongst the latest mega yacht projects in Istanbul boatyard  is a 75 meter luxury poweryacht, which sets new standards in design, features and functionality. The innovative Combined Diesel and Gas Turbines, Waterjet and Refined Propellers  drive concepts, developed for naval shipbuilding and yacht propulsion systems are proposed  for mega yachts.
Yacht Charter in Turkey along Mediterranean Turquoise  Coast, namely Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, furthermore the neighbouring Greek islands are within our reach.
For many people looking to buy their first ever yacht or boat, the process can seem overwhelming. After having chosen a broker with project management experience, the next step is to establish exactly what the experience of owning a yacht means to you. We would recommend that any client thinking of building a fully custom-built yacht engage with an independent broker or project manager like Y.CO from the very beginning.
Once you know what your requirements are, your broker will advise whether it would be more appropriate to order a semi-customised or a fully-customised yacht. What are the advantages of buying a yacht from a series platform as opposed to totally custom built?
Because it is built on a platform that has already been tested and proven, and there are fewer man-hours involved in customisation, buying a series-platform yacht is cheaper. Depending on the size of the yacht, anywhere from approximately six months before delivery is a good time to bring on the captain, maybe one year for the engineer. Are there any rules and regulations that control the choices that can be made for the design of the yacht’s exterior and interior?
The Large Yacht (LY) Code and class regulations will affect numerous things [relating to safety], such as the layout of the yacht – eg sub-divisions to stop fires spreading or flooding – as well as the choice of materials used to make sure they are fire resistant etc. For vessels under 24m (80ft), all naval architects and designers will take into account the relevant ISO standards to ensure that the yacht is seaworthy. ANASTASIA - Layout plansMotor Yacht ANASTASIAThe motor yacht is Lloyds Register 100 AI SSC Yacht (P) MONO G6 LMC UMS MCA Certification, issued by Cayman Islands. Superyacht TITANIA - LayoutCharter Superyacht TITANIA (ex APOISE)She also boasts an impressive bridge and upper decks with indoor and outdoor dining areas, as well as numerous lounges. MY LEGEND - LayoutLuxury Motor Yacht LEGEND (ex Giant)LEGEND superyacht was originally built to the highest specifications by the IHC Holland shipyard. MY LEGEND - Layout 3Luxury Motor Yacht LEGEND (ex Giant)There are seven double suites (with queen sized double beds) and three twin suites and two convertable cabins. CLOUD 9 LayoutLuxury motor yacht C9 (ex Cloud 9)Tall windows with low cills allow for stippled light through the Venetian blinds.
MARAYA - The Yacht LayoutMARAYAThe yacht also carries an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer. MI SUENO LayoutLuxury Motor Yacht SKYFALL (ex Mi Sueno)The master suite has a private lounge sofa, desk, 60 inch TV on lower level and a Pop up 60 inch TV by the bed. Yacht Mia Elise - LayoutLuxury Yacht Mustique (ex Mia Elise)A 42'' plasma TV sits on a cabinet below a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling greatly enhancing the room. MY ASTRA - LayoutSuperyacht ASTRACommunications include Wifi throughout the vessel, Internet - Vsat and 3G. Yacht BLIND DATE 161 - LayoutYacht ROCKSTAR (ex BLIND DATE)Each is equipped with TV, Kaleidescape Video and Audio with Creston controls. Remember When - LayoutMotor Yacht REMEMBER WHENThis unique feature helps to ensure safe and efficient operation. CASINO ROYALE - LayoutMotor Yacht CASINO ROYALEThere is a two-drawer refrigerator in guest foyer below. Beneteau etait a l’honneur en Chine lors du Salon Nautique International de Shanghai la semaine derniere. Partenaire Strategique pour 5 ans de la China Cup International Regatta, BENETEAU a accueilli sur son stand la Conference de Presse de cet evenement qui se tiendra du 30 octobre au 02 novembre prochain pour sa troisieme edition. Ceci est le fruit de plusieurs annees de travail sur la notoriete et le developpement commercial de la marque BENETEAU sur le territoire chinois.
La participation de la Chine dans la precedente 32eme Coupe de l’America en 2005, l’organisation de la premiere China Cup International Regatta a Shenzhen en octobre 2007, l’emergence de nouveaux Yacht Clubs, l’augmentation du nombre de membres, le developpement des marinas et des salons nautiques, tout concourt a indiquer le potentiel et les belles perspectives pour le nautisme et son industrie. En 2007, BENETEAU recoit une commande de 10 First 40.7 qui sera completee par 20 unites supplementaires l’annee suivante afin de constituer une flotte de monotypes dans la China Cup International Regatta.
En 2008, BENETEAU conclue un accord de partenariat de 5 ans avec la CCIR et devient le Partenaire Strategique de cette regate qui est aujourd’hui le premier evenement nautique en Asie.
Une Direction Commerciale Asie est creee avec pour objectif de developper le nautisme, la notoriete de BENETEAU, ses parts de marche en Chine et en Asie a travers un travail operationnel et des actions de partenariat. Dans le cadre de ce programme, deux actions sont d’ores et deja programmees en Aout et Novembre avec des journees decouverte de la Voile pour adultes et des stages de decouverte pour les enfants.
Nul doute que la reconnaissance de la marque BENETEAU en Chine par la presse, les professionnels et le public laisse presager un levier de croissance important pour BENETEAU. If the company is not here it’s eather new or not very well known :-) Still, if you know of a boat building company i missed, just make a comment below and ill add it! We designed our Stringer system design based on the before and after results both the Capt. THAT is what supports the ends of the transverse webs , thru the gussets , not at one point , but at eight points around the hull, the forces being transmitted to the tank top edge thru the gussets, over a length of several feet, not point loads.
I guess the only way to get an accurate weight is to run the boat movers trailer with the boat on it over a highway scale, then run the empty trailer over it. When something goes wrong , you have to to cut a hole in the liner, only after you have figured out exactly where the problem is. I don';t mind admitting I didn't know everything there is to know about a new technology the first time out. Being a start from zero experience with origami, we had a lot to learn, as is always the case with all new technology.
What works for a 21 footer isn't necessarily valid for a 36 or a 40 and invalid for a 57 or a 60 footer. The 36 wa so successful that I didn't see any point in changing the shape of that which had worked so well.
Since there is no redundancy in your structure it could be seriously catastrophic, for example, if it's in the middle of a severe storm.
The European authors will insist changes in structure of BS boats, if they appear to European market. It may have been quite a different story of the twin keel had been dropping onto her keels. Quite so, but at least he is using scantling rules that are calculated and proven over many years which makes his designs well accepted by builders and owners. Our grand fathers used to say that a large wooden gulet  used to take 3 to 4 years to complete and launch in water.

State of the art technologies are being used to build modern custom made yachts which we are proud of.
Akasia yacht building as always, will be there for you to make sure that you have your yacht built with the highest standards and the way you wanted  supporting  you before during and after construction including rigging, crewing, etc.
These sailing yachts are built with many different ways and different materials, such as epoxy laminated cold moulded wooden, GRP, aluminium or HTS steel. Certainly a wooden sailing yacht looks more beautiful than GRP However they are much harder and costly to maintain them in perfect shape. We believe that sailing yachts are becoming more and more fuel efficient with electronic fuel disbursement pumps and are more eco friendly with ever improving technologies and lightweight hitech yacht building materials instrumenst such as carbon kevlar and epoxy bonding materials.
The new generation all in one screen navigational instrumenst become so popular that most of the circumnavigational technichs and astral navigation with sextants has become obsolete with those newly improved satellite interfaced ARPA radars, super precise Gps and multicolored 3D chartplotters are a part of Standard navigational devices and instruments which are becoming cheaper and more accessible to all even the most radical adventurer who consider circumnavigation in a bath tub. The interiors are designed and decorated to match your expectations and your desires whatever it might be either crocodile skin or a sea shells mosaic.
The design includes various saloons, balconies, oriels, sundecks, a swimming pool on the top deck, a cinema and a disco. The drive configuration consisting of two powerful diesel engines driving separate propellers and a gas turbine with hydrojet propulsion, enables speeds above 30 knots. These will include but are not limited to: How many guests would you like to be able to have on board at once? The right broker will take you from the initial concept right through to delivery, a process that can last from three to five years. Y.CO has excellent relationships with all the major shipyards, naval architects and designers worldwide. Shipyards offering semi-custom yachts will often have an in-house design team with whom you can liaise. You can usually expect to have a much faster delivery of the vessel, too, because you avoid the lengthy research and development process.
The obvious advantage of a production yacht is the speed of delivery: fully custom-building can take up to five years. The yacht broker will act as the owner’s representative and study your criteria for your ideal yacht and will propose several designers that would be able to create the lines of your dream yacht. An owner’s representative is the main point of contact between the owner and the project manager and shipyard.
For larger builds [ie those over 70m], captains and engineers may be employed much earlier to oversee the building of the yacht and that it meets all of the owner’s requirements. If the owner is an experienced boat owner, they will normally ask their yacht captain to work alongside the project manager to ensure that the yacht is built to their specification.
The cruising programme can also affect the design, whether the yacht will be offered for charter or for private use, and the number of people that are expected to cruise onboard. Apart from this, there are no other standardized rules or regulations pertaining to the design of a yacht’s exterior and interior.
The yacht charters and their particulars displayed in the results above are displayed in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed. We have crewed charter boats in the favourite yachting hotspots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as worldwide locations. In the middle part (most of the boat) the origami is a simple V-bottom structure and should be engineered as one.
Nowadays any size of boat can be trial ready at sea in 12 to 18 months from the date the keel has been laid. Quality motoryachts deserves experienced crew such as captain, deckhands, engineer, chef and maids.
The epoxy laminated Composite materials which are recently introduced into the yacht building industry are lightweight and resistent to wear and tear of seawater, when compared to steel , alimunium or laminated wood construction materials.
Most sailing gears are imported from new zealand and sails from holland where the quality is superior to most providers. Our Yacht building team employs specialists who emphasize in mega yacht sales, charters and poweryacht promotion and marketing. Working together with your representative, you will begin by defining key elements such as size and layout, facilities and features. We are able not only to advise on the selection process, but also to use our networks to negotiate the best deal for the client with all suppliers. For a fully custom yacht, your Edmiston broker can assist you in approaching a number of interior and exterior designers to start to bring the project to life. Buying a yacht from a series platform allows the owner to know exactly what they are getting in advance and to visualise the yacht before it becomes a reality. Then the broker will put in place a full team of experts from the naval architect to the engineering company. In some instances, the owner’s representative can be both project manager and owner’s representative.
Otherwise, the captain will normally join the boat when it is launched in the water and the interiors are being completed. However, bigger yachts above 24m should be registered under a ‘classification society’, much like ships are. Before I wrote the book,I'd sit down with the builder and tell them what was happening in the photos, and they would record it . Which facilities are important to you and will the yacht have the capacity to accommodate them? From this detailed insight, your broker will guide you through the process of selecting the most appropriate shipyard, design teams and technical advisors, then overseeing the tender process before the project itself begins. Rather than approaching a shipyard with a design, we recommend involving the shipyard in the design process from an early stage, to ensure the best translation of the client’s vision into a viable reality.
This does remove the ‘tailor-made’ element of a new-build, but this level of personalisation really depends on the client’s requirements. The owner’s representative is responsible for ensuring that the project is on track within the budgeted cost, overseeing all aspects of the planning and construction and updating the owner frequently.
This way, the captain has ample time to go through the boat’s machinery, electrics, electronics and equipment to familiarise himself (or herself) with the boat’s systems. A ‘classification society’ is a non-governmental organisation that establishes and maintains technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore structures. What is the range that you need the yacht to have, ie will it need to cross oceans on its own, will you be doing a lot of exploring where it’s hard to get fuel for perhaps a long period of time and distance travelled? The process to design a custom yacht can take from three to eight months alone, before the actual build process starts. The best time to appoint an owner’s representative would be prior to the search for a shipyard to build the yacht, as the owner’s representative will be invaluable in negotiating with the shipyard.
The captain will then supervise the chief stewardess, who is in charge of the soft furnishings (beddings, linen, and owner’s and guests amenities), and chef, who will be in charge of the galley (kitchen).
A professional CharterWorld yacht charter consultant will discuss each charter during your charter selection process. No one has had any problem building their own with book and plans, and they tell me that every question they had, they found the answer in the book and plans.
With such a large responsibility, the owner’s rep must possess extensive knowledge and understanding of yacht construction, strong skills in time management, budgeting and managing relationships. Starting prices are shown in a range of currencies for a one-week charter, unless otherwise marked. Your broker will advise as to which would be the most appropriate shipyard to complete your project. Just follow the "reserve this yacht charter" link for your chosen yacht charter or contact us and someone from the CharterWorld team will be in touch shortly.

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