Jon boat plans -, If you are interested in building your own boat, then jon boat plans would be ideal. Flat bottom boat plans woodworking plans information, Here search results flat bottom boat plans woodworking plans information internet' original largest free woodworking plans projects. Don't ever stand up in a canoe!curtis haughton: i am looking to build a very, very stable boat that i can stand up and bass fish in and put a trolling motor on , any ideas on this boat or any others or modifiying this one?Ronnieinbama: Before I get started building, I weigh near 300 LB and 6' 6" tall and I am concerned with the entry and exit plus how much free-board am I going to have?

This is a great project and I feel sure most anyone with moderate skill's and tools can do this.David N. Second, I tried your thumbnail test on some scrap, and couldn't budge either side of the surface laminates.

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