Found these miniature replicas depicting architecture of Kuala Lumpur including Christ Church, an 18th century church in the city of Malacca, Brickfields Buddhist Temple, a leaning tower in the town of Teluk Intan, Perak, and four different replicas of Heritage Shophouses or stores. Many Ships have Lattice Boom Cranes on deck - especially contruction barges and all Dockyards have a crawler crane. A thorough, yet uncomplicated and enjoyable depiction about the men behind for the invention of the steam engine. A factual, easy to read account, describing more than 30 'Men of Steam' who where guilty of espionage, intrigue, murder, adventure and daring; a shocking yet honest account of events leading up to the industrial revolution.

The plans contain the full size plan sheets and a Simplified Plan for the main parts (Receiver Plates and Barrel Group) to enable both experienced builders and those just starting out to be able to produce a great looking full size model that even in its simplified version is a convincing replica to the layman.
1:1 Scale plans of Receiver plates, Barrel Group, Barrel Support, End Plates and Handle Support. All parts are detailed in Full Size 1:1 plans that can be printed out to make cutting templates.
This plan has a Simplified version of the main parts for a quick build - alternative parts using PVC pipe fittings are detailed for the novice builder.

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