Ok--Here goes--These are both Bee readys and Driftmasters--Also have extra bases for both so I can move them around if conditions call for that, and both move easily.The bee ready transport rod holders in the right of the pic are great, really like them.
No matter if you might be a novice or expert fly fisherman, you won't regret the decision to make the Rising Boat Rigging Station part of your regular fly fishing gear.
Keep your fishing essentials organized and within easy reach on your pontoon or drift boat with this convenient station. Look closely at Gerald Wiser's Crestliner pontoon, and you'll notice two boats in one — a prudent combination in this time of stretching interests and a gallon of fuel. Wiser grew fond of leisurely forays along the meandering river, yet occasionally longed for his bass boat when he passed by a favorite fishing spot.

We need the kind to mount on the rail, so my bro can get his guide service started he's got everything and almost done getting all the legal stuff the rod holders is all we lack. We feature the finest brands in fishing like Outcast, Classic Accessories and Fish Cat among hundreds of others. Jim Duckworth, who converted Wiser's aluminum bass craft, provided boating bliss by morphing the pontoon into a fishing rig with five do-it-yourself additions. Now Wiser can sit astern munching on a snack with one hand, while using the other to press a remote control and maneuver his 20-footer around a fishing hotspot or ease it into a boat slip.
It comes with a 16-channel GPS, track plotter and chart plotter, and is preloaded with Navionics electronic fishing charts with premarked hotspots.

Mounting bracket attaches to any boat using one of these methods: screws, bolts, glue, webbing or included adhesive strip.

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