It is very easy to roll, blanced slightly stern heavy so that bow is pushing up slightly on one's hand.
I wonder if it might be more useful to have the boat right side up so you can leave all your gear in there.
The Adirondack Canoe Classic 90-Miler home page sponsored by MacsCanoe and the Adirondack Watershed Alliance. And there are all kinds of kayaks and canoes, from fast pro-boats and voyageur canoes battling it out to family tandems and 4's just happy to finish. I was walking through Tractor Supply and noticed some wheels on sale, so I picked up two for $24 and began planning my canoe cart. Actually, I had a plan in my mind for a while so the tires being on sale just gave me a good enough reason to move forward. I had downsized an 8x12 canvas wall tent last year and ended up with two unused pieces of the interior angle kit used for the interior frame.
There's a good possibility of movement, especially with those old straps I have in the picture.

This cart was designed for a Pygmy Osprey Double kayak -- for a single kayak, the distance between the two support beams would be narrower. Kayak Transport, Surfboard Trolley ,Canoe Carrier And Kayak cart, View Kayak Transport, MARINE Product Details from Ningbo Marine Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Made in a rush before a trip in (summer 2000) from scrap white oak and wheels borrowed from my Rubbermaid wheelbarrow. My son can get a free ride on the 1.5 km trip back to camp (we had just made a trip between the two lakes via the little connecting stream). I have a 14 foot canoe that weighs 66lbs and I'm looking for other single wheel designs I can try to re-create.
These, along with steel conduit pipe I also had from the old interior frame where to make up the frame for my new Canoe Cart.
I made my own axles out of old heavy bolts, with rubber spacer's and snap rings to hold the wheels on. I'll find out tomorrow, but my next idea would be better straps with a ratchet, then if that doesn't work, I will try your idea.

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I have a 1.1 mile uphill hike to Jockeybush Lake in late April coming up and I'm hoping to have one built by then. My need for a cart is to get to some areas here in Connecticut that are open, but either behind gates or down old closed roads. May pack is probably gonna be around 35 to 40 pounds and with the canoe I'll be pushing over the 100 pound limit. I also plan on using either pipe insulation or wacky noodles so I don't scratch my canoe all up. Was looking at your design, and was thinking the addition of soft rubber or suction cups might help keep it better aligned.

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