Here are the provisional results from the National Marathon Championships 2015 held in Norwich over the weekend 22nd and 23rd August 2015. Once verified, the official results will be made available on the Marathon Racing Committee website.
An outrigger kit is used to add stability to your canoe, much like training wheels on a push-bike.
In other words,¬†they’re the crew that builds spy planes and fighter jets for elite (sometimes secret) military projects.

Durable canvas webbing handles, an adjustable shoulder strap and five interior pockets make it easy to carry all your flight gear. Keep your canoe secure on those bumpy approach roads with Seattle Sports' Quick Kit canoe carrier kit.
I ditched the bumper hook straps right away - they might work, but having witnessed a canoe fly off a car on the freeway some time ago, I will always prefer ropes or non-stretch straps that go through my car's frame.
The pads fit over our boats gunnels, and are good for protecting the car and canoe from scratching.

With a canoe, the blocks sit closer to the edge of the roof where there's greater strength.

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